Clean water solutions by sunnytek solar

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Sunnytek have a number of solutions to clean water for drinking and home purposes. They are based on filter solutions and we have several systems to cower the demands that differs a lot. We have mostly some filters with different designs and most have UV light sterealizer and cleaner for bacterias and virus etc.

Systems can make river water drinkable with god quality. Difficult can be drilled wells with hazardous salts and arsenic etc and here we have other solutions. One system is based on a new innovation to clean salt water from salt so we make drik water from salty oceans. This is not any osmosis related design. We also have osmosis systems

* Drinking water from salt ocean water.

* Clean water solutions we offer.

* Clean water solution in containers.

* Clean water systems for homes and smaller houses.

* Simple solution to clean water for the family or home

* Sewage water cleaning plant and solutions.

* Waternear system to clean waste water in large volumes

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