BIPV buidling integrated solar panels

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BIPV panels These are designed to generare electrical power and at same time be used as roof, windows or walls. Here designs capabilities are very large. panels can have different transparency but also different colors. Here architects and design can be made in new ways and still generate power as a double function.

* More about BIPV panels

Kromatix is coloured solar panels with special glass that make a very nice surface. They are made for outdoor building integration.

* Solar tiles for water proof installation. Smart concept with 120W solar roof tiles with very reasonable cost level ande simple installation.  Manual of this solution with good photos.

Article from paper.  BIPV is tricky in several ways and here we have an article about what happens when panels are not perfectly aligned to sun.

Information paper. Crystalline panels versus thin film paneis is a hot topic. Here we share some more details and what really happens.

* Mobile phone charger solution.


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