a-si Solar panels versus crystalline  panels

Short data why Amporphous thin film panels equal to  a-Si panels  are better in production than Crystalline solar panels. This paper show some of reasons to have a thin film panel and not a crystalline solar panel.

Limits in solar power is normally based on cloudy days and not sunny days where all installations have an easy life. The twilight solar panels needs to be more sensitive and here the most common crystalline papels have large limitations. Then other technology based on thin film is often much better. a.silicon panels are here best in sennsitivity and when it is not perfect sun they are far better measured per rated W from labl tests. Typical they can be 30% better.

In rainy areas in tropics this have a large imoact on site. Same about nordic countries with long dark after noons in autumn.

Advantages of a-Si Thin-Film.003-001 FINER-15Roof 48366027Advantages of a-Si Thin-Film.002-001

Advantages of a-Si Thin-Film.001-001
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