Medium sized solar home kits and school solutions

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When demands in size is larger we have a group of solutions that can handle this range of sites. Here we use best battery solutions combined with a number of thin film solar panels. Here we handle 1-5 class rommos or a smaller medical health care centre. Smaller offices can also operate on this system. Battery packs are Gel battery systems. Lithium battery packs or the new salt water battery system or a flow battery system. The new battery systems can handle up to over 20 years life cycle without service or replacement.

Here demands in reliability are high and alos the life cycle of the system. We have used best panels for tropical installations with laminated glass design so back side is rugged and can handle solar UV radiation. Battery is optimized for min 6-8 years operation but the best battery packs we offer handle over 20 years with no maintenance. Salt water battery is the most green battery available today and what is inside is in principle posisble to eat.

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Home power kit large cowers large houses , schools office and larger buildings.

School power system is specially designed for schools and 2 class rooms with LED tubes and room for a PC system.

School power education system do also include a eductation package with TV + PC system and projector. Here all  is available for teachers works includinmg lamps etc.

Hybrid power system is a special version  where we have several power sources in same package. Typically we have solar power combined with wind turbines or small hydro power systems

PVT thermal and photoelectric systems are often needed here as this site needs booth hot water and electrical power. 2 panels in one unit.

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Here we normally make a deeper analyse of demands and optimise what is offred to be what is best needed.

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