Camera software 

Panoama camera software where 2-5 cameras can make a 180 egree or 360 Degree FOV. Software PC based and mix all separate cameras into a single wide angle view.

Software is made in Sweden and we can modify and make special around this  software core.

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3D camera software Softis is a unique single camera software that can make any camera to give 3D output. We use web cams or just a mobile phone and make a video clip that osi converteed in a PC to a 3D CAD file and point cloud.

Now we make large development works to give mpore general funstions. We also make special applications  around this software.

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More about how we did the 3 of this door / stair.

Mesh to 3D in a short explanation

Application for 3D software where we make a change detection by the software. First we grab an image in 3D by the single camera. Then we repeat image late and nbget the point cloyud again. After this we make a 3D subtacdtion and onlyt see the difference. This is a very powerful tool in many applicatyion form CCTV and surveilance to measuremet in 3D vo shapes and volumes etc.

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Contrast enhancement unit where we improve contrast a lot.  Old bad viedos get far better and hidden details can be viewed. This works on all color cameras and is a separate signal processor box used on a PAL signal. Works best in land and over water areas but also in  in sub sea applications.

Fog large zoom

Special cameras with see through fog and haze functions. This is a DSP solution inside the camera unit that see what is noit visible byu analyze of small variations in grayscale. Function is really good and improve practical visibility range several times in bad weather. We see this is extra valuable when you look in marine applications for motions on the water surface.

Image at left was not possible to imagine without this software and here we háve a reasoable good quality in Monochrome. In many cases we double range or more. Lasers we use for illumination in this camera are near IR in spectra. This do also add ange to the visible spectra by 30-50% extra.

Lyynification unikt to enhance bad video to much better quality. Black box for PAL / NTSC  signal cameras.

Mini Tripple camera system with grabber fo 3D software applications

Pico-endo mini camera system. Special camera for medical applications.

Color Night Vision high sensitive Cooled CCD cameras

Hyperview long range camera system with cooled CCD amera and large aperture optics and fog view software

Hyper View night and see through fog camera system

LR8000 very long range camera solution for maine and costal Home land security.

Stabilized active laser camera system for marine applications and mobile installations ( GP 100 design )

Color Nivis night vision long range color camera system.

How the 3D change detection software in 3D works and what it can do in a crossing

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