Water and wind power and stirling generators



* Wind turbines

We have a range of wind turbines based on vertical blade designs. These are the most silent and smooth in operation and are suitable in urban areas where silence is a demand. We have systems from 50W to 50 KW in output.

If acceptable we have propeller designs that are cheaper t buy and operate but more noisy. Thet are from 50W and up to 200 KW. All models have a electric controller intyerface for grid or island operation. There are hybride solutions with solar panels and battery back up systems.

* Water turbines and generators

In many areas there ane manty creeks and rivers where small turbines are the perfect solution. Here we have several designs from 300W in power up to hundreds of KW. For low water head operation we have Kaplan turbines that cover 1-10 meter in height. For next step we have Pelton. Francis or Turgo turbines working form 10 meter to several hundred meters water head. Sunnytek offers services in Africa with help to build the needed dam or water intake. Costs are very low of the turbine and the operation in darkness is a good complement to solar power.

* Venturi propeller turbines are a very good solution when a dam is not posisble and you have a good speed of water flow.

* Stirling generators

New is the Stirling generator that is now comming into the market. We offers a small 1 kW system that is in production and have best records in reliability. This unit can operate to over 50 000 hours with zero maintenance. Fuel is gas or diesel or any burnable liquid. Palm oil can also be used. One special model ca use wood pellets to make electrical power. All Stirling generators gives hot water that preferable is used at installation site more or less free in cost. The small model gives 1 KW electricity at 230 Volt 50 Hz and 4-5 KW of 75 C hot water. This is over Legionella temperature and perfect for hospitals, schools and GOV areas and buildings. On special model for portable operation in UN missions is planned.

Case study Gakwende of a hybride system with solar. wind and water in a mix to solve the power in a small rural village.

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