Wind turbines

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Sunnytek offers wind mills of different designs mosty based on vertical axis turbines. Smallest units are propeller based. Sizes from 50W to several MW size.

A right a vertical axis showel blade turbine known to be very silent and rugged to bad weather arm winds. Power to 10KW in size.

At left a system installed in Sundbyberg Sweden with wind and solar turbine operating 7 led lamps in a park. Here we use Lithium battery as back up. Tis was system nr 1 installed over 6 years ago

Container system with wind and solar power for remote ioperatin and easy installations. Idea for UN missions and aid works and disaster management. This can handle all power to a hospital.

* Datasheet of 1 KW wind turbine of vertical design and very robust design.

* 1 KW wind generator manual only.

* Data sheet of 5 KW vertical wind turbine

* 5 KW wind mill manual only.

Datasheet VWM10 a special rugged vertical turbine desisgned for stormy weather and arctic operation. Very silent and low vibrations. Flat outer ring generator with no brushes and no gear box. Can operate to 60 metrer sec in wind speed and it is very silent. This is one of a range of turbines from 1 KW to 10 KW.

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Data sheet VWM 60 is a larger model with 60 KW output power from a vertical wind turbine.

Hybrid lamp system with wind and solar power for installations where there is no grid and one power source is not enough.

Hybrid systems with wind power + other energy source.

* Right side an image from Orebrio Sweden with a solar farm and a wind mill. This is a hybride system also having a battery storage and a Stirling generator operating on wood pellets.

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