Organic rankin cycle generators ORC systems

ORC generators is short for Organic Rankin Cycle generators that is a smart way to make electricity and hot water from not very hot water. Best solutions can work from 80C and up and gives electricity where no other solution can make power from so low temperature. We have partners that cowers area from 5KW to 3MW depending on application and demands. Often pay off is very short if power is always there and it can be less 2 years for the investment to be fully paid.

One large application is to use hot water from diesel generators to make more power. Here you can add about 15% more power from the diesel generator by using exhauct gases and engine hot water to give more electricity.

One application is to use waist from city dump and burn it and us epower to make electricity and hot water from waist only. Our solutions are made in Scandinavia and have good reliability.     

*Waste to energy solution for city dump application. System makes electricity and hot water and see land fill get minimised. MSW boiler with ORC turbine solution.

*Car tyre to energy system. Here we destroy tyres and rubber by plasma technology and the energy content operates an ORC turbine with generator. Tyres is a problem but here we convert to incommes and almost sero ash content.

*ORC turbine to use waste heat in a boiler in a tea factory.

*Information about power from city dump system.           5-10 KW small ORC generator. For smaller sites we have a 5-10 KW system that also make hot water.

One application is industrial hot water between 80-200C where rankin generators are excellent in adding power. One source can be to get heat from diesel generators.

Table of system for city dump waste  converterd to electricity and hot water. Hot water can be used in industry or to make cooling with about 15% efficiency.

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