Thermal solutions for power + heat and Cooling

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We offers several solutions to make heat and hot water or steam through our partners. These are selected to be used in tropical areas to generate heat and electricity. We also have suitable components use din combination with these systems.

* Solutions to upgdare old boilers to be much more modern and save lots of energy. Here we offer lots of components like a Lego kit to improve efficiecy and earn much more money. This is also much more green and saces CO2 foot print.

* Solar based AC systems. New model of air condition that use solar panels and DC operation to work without any grid.

* Wood fueled steam boilers of traditional design for industry. 1 -30 ton steam / hour and very reasoanble costs. Perfect for steam to brewery and food indsury where wood is needed as fuel. All systems can be delivered with a steam turbine between 1 MW to 10 MW electrical output.

* Boillers for making electricity by a steam turbine. Here we can use most types of fuel including waste from city dump and land fills to make electricity. New modern boilers with EU regulations aproval Reasoanble costs and simple operation. Size 1 MW - 20 MW electrical output by steam turbines generators.

* Wood / syngas generator system to produce hot water ane electricity from wood chips and biomass. Automatic operation

Waste processing by steam boiler and steam turbine. This is a solution that in a classical way burn city dump MSW waste and make electricity.

* Waste processing for land fill materials in city dump. Here we offer solutions to process land fill to RDF fuel used in industries like cement industry as fuel. We extract the valuables out of andfill and sell and use what we have to get close to zero land fill. 

* Thermal thermo electric generators by fire and heat to produce electricity

* ORC generators to convert low temperature waist heat to electricity General information. We have small models and a range up to very large solutions. Information about our 5-10 KW ORC system to make power and hot water.       

*ORC power from City dump. Make power from waist in one step.

* Pyrolyse systems of different designs to convert biomass and waste to oil , gas and valuables. 

* Pyrolyse systems for tyres and rubber waste. Special systems for old car tyres.

* 10ton / day pyrolysis solution for rubber tyres and plastic waste from city dump and MSW waste and RDF fuel

* Stirling generators to make higher temperature to eletcricity and how water in a very reliable way.

Biogen Stirling boiler for wood to make electricity and hot water.                      * Solid waste burners of different models

* Wood chip burners for industrial blilers. Swedish design and best performance on market.

* Chips and pellet burners large heavy duty systems 1-8 MW output.

* Wood chipper vertical wheel cutter 2-6 ton / hour      * Wood chipper horizontal cutter design 2-10 ton heavy duty system

* City dump waste converters to RDF valuables  and an income. Money out of a cost and problem system. 250 Ton / day capacity.

* Zero energy buildings in cold climate and  our new solution.

* Thermal insulation paint. Simple way to get better insulation on difficult surfaces.

* Biogas generators of a new generation with rotating chamber and only 7-10 days cycle time

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* Wood stoves of small simple design for rural areas in African continent

* Pellet and wood burners with hot water and electrical output by a Stirling generator or ORC generator.

* Special water and steam tubes for hot water and steam suitable in industrial dryers

* Wood handling  to get a good quality fire wood is not so simple. Here we give some good ideas about this matter and what is best. How to get wood dry and burn wood and not water is a knowledge needed for saving fuel.

Stirling engine in short about technology and how it works.

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