Solar power units  / SPU systems


Solar power un its is a modular concept to make power by sun that is competent enough to replace a diesel genset or a unreliable grid solution. Design works for years and produce low cost power used by your self or if you prefer sell power.      New generation of solar pwer makes much more power when cloudy and twilight and a new solution for long life time battery is behind this technology

Solar power unit  SPU is based on a solution of 250 KW solar panels and 500 KWH energy storage as a module in a container ready to start up when delivered. The design is to replace old diesel generators and make low cost power 24 hours per day. It can also handle a unreliable grid and make power 24/7. Cost of power is reasonable and often cheaper than Grid if we look for a Life cycle of 5-10 years. Option is prepaid meters if anyone want to sell and distribute the power produced.

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Solar panel solution.

Thin film new generation solar panmels that gives better power when  cloudy and in twilight. This is new generation panels made in Europe with best warranty and performance. These panels are also better when  very hot and when sun is very strong. Warranty 25 years. We select solar panels after the ölocal irradiation of sun and energy demands. Typically we say the panels shall charge daily power in KWH for 4-6 hours.

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Inverter and electronics

New DC high voltage system made in Sweden that have better efficiency and generate 5-10% more KWH out to grid. Charger and inverter is one bidirectional design. High voltage DC bus makes it easy to scale and maintain.

Battery solution Ni-Mh technology.

New generation of bipolar Ni-MH battery with BMS system gives unequal performance and reliability. Life time expectancy 10-20 years. Almost no maintenance. Environmentally green and correct to tomorrows standards. Capacity in to MWH range as well down to small units like car battery.

Solar panel trackers.

Preferable we have trackers on on axis design a sthis adds about 25% extra in KWH produced. It also adds extra power in mornings and evenings where a fixed panel produce less. The one axis system is made in aluminum profiles. Small mounty handle 3 KW solar panels and the large system up to 250KW in a sngle system. image shows the large system and its linkage solution.

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SPU cabinet / housing.

Normally we deliver all preinstalled in a  container. It is tested before delivery and can be starte dup very fast and simple. The container a 20 or 40 foot design is a lso a good protection to bad surprises. Electronics have web interface and can communicate by mobile phones. Preferable we have an alarm system and extra protection for the system including all panels.20 feet containers handle 500 KWH and a 40 feet 1 MWH capacity.

School power system. Some ideas.

Modular energy SPU unit with all in a container ad replacement of diesel generators and grid.

Modular solar farms and deign criteria etc. Our moduar scaleable concept.

Special solution for Hotels and office buildings 10 KWH -250 KWH range. Solar panels 20 KW and up to 150 KW.

Solar power systems for malls and commercial centres. The no grid solution that saves money.

SPU for industry and city power of 1 MW output. Draft and general ideas and information

Home power kits for small houses in tropical  areas with limited resources.

Home power kit for larger houses.

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