Sunnytek Kits for homes, schools etc.

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Solar baned energy kits from small to larger systems. Here we supply all needed in a box ready to install. High quality components that works for years. We make all what is needed on demand so if you need some specials just mail us and you get an offer. We have done a number of installations in rural Africa with good results.

* Sunnytek Hybride systems and solutions for homes

* Sunnytek and our solution to cut the cable and make your own power 

* Solar home kits. 3 models 1-2 KW range with battery etc. Most modern design 2018

* Mini home kits Nano                      * Solar power units for hotells and offices

* Solar home kits for cloudy hot areas based on salt based energy storage.

* Solar home kits for cloudy hot areas based on Ni-Fe technology.

* Case study Mlimani high school Kenya and our installation for non grid operation

* Home power Kit Micro                    * Home power kit small

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* Home power kit medium                * Home power kit large

* HP 40 home kit    * Education kit for schools with computer system and education 

* School power kits               * Solar power solution for malls and commercial centras

* SPU Solar power units that makes solar power to 100% replacement of diesel generators 

* Solar power for malls and business centras.                  * Ni-MH battery systems

* Solar power  for 1 MW system with battery container    * SPU solar power units

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