Thin film solar panels

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Thin film panels are based on silicon and glass technology and have ROHS certification and are the most environmentally friendly on market. They are normally best in output in produced power / rated W in specifications. They are best in hot areas and can handle twilight and foggy weather better than crystaline panels. Standard panels are glossy black but we offer colored panels and semi transparret panels and BIPV elements of this technology. The shiny surface is very nice to see and harmonic for the eyes. Special mounting can make them to be sealed and replace tiles of roofs. Standard panel is 130W and they are not very heavy and easy to install. We and our partners sell these in kits with a complete on grid or off grid pack easy to install.

* CIGS panels are based on indium materials and is an excellent design.  They are better than crystalline standard panels in bad weather and twilight so they are in most cases a better alternative here.

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* a-slicon panels is amorphous silicon thin fillm panels. Theye are not as efficient in energy / m2 in area. They are however best in bad weather, twilight and low light levels. If you have speace they are good and reasoable priced.Panels can have different colors and be semitransparent.

* Cd-Te panels are based on Cadmium telluride and is also a god panel in hard conditions. Good when very hot.

* Why CIGS thin filkm panels gives more output than crystalline solar panels.

* More about Supreme noveau solar panels with BIPV ideas and photos.

* Thin film Supreme panel general information

* CIGS thin film panels 100 W-360 W models. Panels cabn be flexible and gluse to surfaces so mounting flexibility is very good.

* Cd-Te solar panels and BIPV elements. Inforation and photos and good ideas

* More about Supreme solar thin film panels with Swedish text  / Supreme solar solpaneler med Svensk text.

* The large folder about Supreme panels with lots of ideas and photos and full specification of all models

* PVT photovoltaic hot water panels with dual output.  Swedish text mostly.

* Why a thin film panel and not a  crystalline  solar panel ?

* Installation manual of a-Si thin film solar panels. Contain good ideas every one nstalling solar panels have use for.

Solar panel based on thin film Cadmium technology. Dimensions are 600x1200 mm and max 80 W / panel in output. Dimensions make them suitable in special applications. Window shades and balcony applications are perfect.  They look like the other panels but have an other type of thin film          Datasheet of Supreme Mini panels 

Flexisolar solar panels are CIGS panels on a flexible foil made as bands. For sp+ecial applications they are very useable and flexible. Characteristrics like other thin film panels and very rugged but still flexible and can be use on not flat surfaces.                   More about Flexisolar panels

Inverters for solar panels Grid tie micro inverters and small inverters for small grid systems We have a range om small inverters for 250-1.5KW range to make small grid tie solutions and systems. They are 1 or 3 phase and reasonable prices and siumple to use. We have models that can  handle island operation with no external grid. They synck the 50 Hz internally.

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