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Solar panels is a very good solution for production of electrical power. There are several models made in different process with different characteristics. What is best depends on instalaltion site and how it is used. In most cases a thin film panel is the best solution so we have focused on them. One situation where a crystaline panel is preferred is when it is sunny and cold. One other is when area is limited as they are more efficient per square meter. Under all other situations the thin film produce more KWH per year and rated W in power. When hpot they are far better. When hazy and foggy they can be up to 30% better. Payoff time is almost always better after 2-3 years operation. Most people say a thin film is much more nice to look at. These panels are available in several colors and also in semi transparrent models useable as windows. One is a 3 glass cassette good when you have AC or cold winters as in insulate well. More about our thin film panels.

Future solution is integrated panels where the panel itself is a building element like a roof or a wall / window. Sunnytek has developed onw solutions in this area. Pls ask for more info?

Cd-Te solar panels and BIPV building elements.                                         CIGS thin film panels 100W-360W area of output.

* CIGS solar panels and why they gives more energy than other solar panels.

* BIPV panels are Building Integrated Photo  Voltaic and here panel is used as walls, roof and windows so house structure itself gives electrical power. This opens door for advanced designs and state of the art architecture. Garage roofs and ware houses are easily built with a solar panel roof so savings are good in dual function operation. Panels can be colored or semitransparent whatever you prefer. More about BIPV solar panels.

*Sunnytek solar tiles 120W.  This is a new design that is cost efficient and easy to install. The panel is monocrystalline and easy to install. This is a very cost efficient solution.  Manual how to install with some good photos.

* Solar tile roof systems with tile design where the tile itself is the solar panel. We have tiles from 8 W to 250W size as traditional tiles or shingles.

* Solar membrane / flex panels are designed toi be used on flat roofs and are handled like asphalt paper roofs. panels commes delivered on rolls and are positioned and glued by asphalt  tape to surface. This makes them low weight and very thin.25 years warranty.


* Solar hot water panels are designed to heat water  that is used in the area. Typical we can make hot water for kitchen. hygiene and household. Two models are used. One simpler with max 80-90C in water temperature. One more advanced with focus mirror design that can make over 160 C degree hot steam. These are called solar concentrator panels.                More about hot water panels.

* Hybrid panels where one panel have solar cells and water heater in same unit. Here we often use the solar cell that is dark and cool it by water so it gives booth hot water and electrical power out of same unit.

* Bifacial panels with up to 510W / panel in output. Collect sun on 2 sides and highest output/ panel. Here we have 2 active fases so what ius behnd epanel can be used for power.

* Hot air panels is a panel that only gives hot air for heating or drying applications. Here we can heat houses in winter that are disconnected from power in a cheap way. We can also dry harvest  before delivery. This last application is very large in tropical areas as wet harvest is destroyed and yield of harvest is often bad at rain season.

* PVT photo voltaic thermal panels with electrical and hot water out of same panel. Designed for home applications and 80 C in water temperature. Swedish text mostly.

*Summary of all our solar panels and components for builders Links to components only with detailed information for system builders and home builders

* Comparison between different panels where we compare KWH output and not onlt W as in papers. This show very large surprises as the most common panel designs have large limitations. This is lab tests and results.

* Why a thin  film panel and not a crystalline panel? Some explanations and comments about this complex matter.

* Colored solar panels. We have different colors of panels to match the installation site in best ways.These panels can be designed and printed in any colour and pattern.

*Solar based home power kits.   Here we have a number of solutions for independent energy production cvereing all from smallest farm houses to schools and hospitals. They are normally off grid systems but all can have a grid connection if wanted.

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* Solar farm system for installation in paralell with grid. Special design for industrial applications to save power and partially replace grid to a very reasoanble cost. Short pay off and we offer a financial package  with earnings from day 1

* Images and ideas how solar panels can be used. Picture collage

* Transient protection device that protect against lightning and electrican transients. This is a must in most solar power systems and in tropical areas lightning can struck and destroy a lot.


* Mounting hardware and all parts around panels are available so we can offer a complete kit of all needed parts.

* Solar and hydro power hybrid combinations. Here we have 2-3 sources for power and mix all to get better reliability and lower costs for power generation.

Case study Gakwende a small analyse about a hybrid installation to make power for a small village.

School and education solution for area with no electricity and no grid. Here we have a suitable solution with power and lamps and all needed to get a modern start in the class room.

* 5 KW solar off grid system for users with no grid and high reliability demands                  *PID protection for solar farms

School kit to get lamps and power in a school with no grid. Complete kit.

* Home power kits to make posr for small and larger houses.

* Grid tie microinverters to make small ghrid connections of smaller sysems form 1 panel only and up. Here we have 250W to 1.5 KW range and a 1 KW 3 phase system that is reasonable priced

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