Solar hot water panels



ASV hot water solar panels are made in Norway and we deliver them in complete systems or as components. The design is very simple and not complicated and instalaltion is not complex. Panels are very cost efficient and have a very reasonable price. Beside this the panbels have some very unique characteristics and advantages to other designs.

Dimensions per panel is 600 mm x 2000 mm and many can be stacked on an array of many panels. Heat absorber is made in salt water resistant aluminum and they can operate with swimming pool water and salt and chlor in the water with no corrosion.

Installed on a roof the panels can operate with no anti freeze in water as panels hcan never freeze in winter time. We have a pump and a diffrential thermostat sense temperature and when the temperature is high enough the pump starts to fill the panels. When pump is off allw ater flow down by gravity and panel tubes are empty.

Images show the lay out of a system showing it is very simple and not complex.


Here we show abit about design and installation that is very simple and mostly can be done by a not to skilled house owner himself. Delivery is a kit easily installed on the roof. The ready panels have a plastic top making them sealed so one section replace tiles and are water sealed to the roof. Costs are very attractive and normally none can compete in costs. Even if less costly the quality is very high. The ASV system have over 50% market share in Norway.

Sunnytek build systems around these systems for schools and hospitals in Africa to use sun only that is cheap here.

Solar hot water fresnel concentrator panels is a new design with fresnel design mirrors to get highest temperatures on a liquid asoil or water. They are designed for large installations where high temperature is an issue. They reach over 400C in temperature. 

Panels are rduced by a Swedish owner and factory is in Germany.

* AS 400 solar collectors for hot water production. New simple and cheap solution with no demands for anti freeze liquids

* AF 800 our new solar hot water system. This is a unique system that needs no anti freeze on wither time and it is straight and simple in design

Solar angel PVT panel. PVT Is a 2 function panel that gives booth electricity and hot water.

* More about ASV solar hot water panels and solutions with Swedish text only.


Sunnytek sell hot steam panel solutions designed by Absolicon to make steam with up to 160C in temperature. Here we offer what is needed on demand. Mostly these are industrial sysmems with many panels producing steam in high volumes. Pls contact for more details ?

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