Solar panels and components

IMG 4192roof

* Thin film panels summary several models with links Summary of many of our solar panels.

* Large area CIGS panels 100-360W range

* Why CIGS thin film panels are better than crystalline mono and poly crystalline panels

* Coloured and pattern solar panels and BIPV elements to build houses etc. the way you prefer.

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* Sunnytek water proof solar times 120 W. This is a cost efficient and easy to install concept to make the roof to generate power. It is perfect when an old roof need to be updated in an easy way. Very good quality combined with reasonable low costs.  Manual how to install these solar tiles.

* Sunnytek Flexisolar panels Thin film flexible solar panels that can replase roof materials etc. Lengths up to 6 meter. Ideal for boats, caravans and camping cars.

* Bifacial high power solar panels with up to 510W / panel in output.

* Solar hot water panels summary with links

* PVT solar panels with photo voltaics and hot water out of same panel. This panel gives 250 W photovoltaic output combined with hot water for houses up to 80C in temperature. All in one nice unit makes installation far simpler.  

PVT solar angel PVT panel.

* Mechanics for solar panels and installation  All needed to install solar panels in mechanics. brackets and solar trackers. Wew have what can be needed for all trypes of small scale works and large solar farms.

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* Energy storage systems for solar systems. Small and large systems from houses to schools and industries

* Solar power systems for malls and business centras.

* Solar panels with different colours and patterns. Really unigie design solution.

* Solar power injector system. Here we offer a simple solution that just adds power to a larger consumer in paralell with grid. Simple and cost efficet and profitable from day nr 1.

* Solar off grid system with energy storage for industrial users.                   


 * Solar farm for street light city solutions. Energy central for no grid operation

* 5 KW off grid solar solution with 24/7 operation.                                        

* Solar power units  SPU that replace diesel generators and a costly unreliable grid.                                                                             

* PID protection for solar farms and panels.

 * Short form cathaloge of what we offer.

* Power from the sun a presentation in PPT style about solar power.

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* Comparison between different designs of solar panels  like Crystalline versus thin film panels. Graph below is measured values from an installation in Lwala in Kenya. This is at the roof of an orphanage and gives all power for all activities.

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