LED tube solutions for old and new installations

T400 LED Highbayunnamed copy 4

Gree ring T5

Sunnytek offer several solutions for led tubes and profile led lamps with various lengths. We offer models to be used in  old housings based on T8 and T5 designs that gives far better performance than old models. We also offer integrared designs where tube and housing is integrated ina nice small package all included. This change cost situation dramaticallt com pared to traditional solutions.

All models have very low power consumption and special models are here better with up to 180 Lumen / W light flux output.

We also have rugged industrial designs with good sealing and  integrated led emitters in housing. They are a very good alternative for larger areas and industry rooms and assembly plants.

High CRI led tubes have a better light quality with CRI 95. This is needed in applications where colour spectra is important. Hospitals and medical applications is one area. Shops for food etc and clothes is an other.

Profile led lamps are available in many models in  profile shape and internal led emitting tapes.

* Long life T5 ledtubes with 7 years warranty

* Led tubes high efficiency models  with 160-190 Lumen / W output.

* Led tubes with high CRI / good quality light output for demanding applications.

* Led panel for new installations  60x120 dimensions and 4800 Lumen

* Eco friendly led lamps with highest optical efficiency.

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