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LED lamp with standard sockets as well as complete led lamp systems. We are unique as we make and design own lamps and have the complete knowledge in house how to make and design good illumination. Selecting a led lamp needs some care and thinking to get best results in light quality and life time but also save power as much as possible. We have the knowledge to make this support to our customers to get best result. In final end all must be cost efficient and life cycle cost is always important for educated users.


Unique features of Sunnytek LED lamps.

* High efficiency in light flux versus electrical power . Mostly we have over 125 Lumen / W in flux output and some special models can get up to 145-180 Lumen / W. We then also have led + driver + glass windows included the numbers and not only a diode and nothing else.

* Cold LED and LED driver operation. Led are cooler that old lamps but still they shall be as cold as possible as life time goes up and efficiency also raise. We have the thermo electrical cooler design in many lamps to get best function here.

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* Standard led lamps with sockets of all kinds. Most popular is the new LED filament design that appears old style and gives a comfortable light all over 360 Degree. This is the perfect replacement lamp to replace old incandensent lamps.

* Solar led lamps for outdoor operation where we have a good design with long lifetime. We use battery packs that can be charged 5000 times at 60 C in temperature. We offers a microprocessor that start and stop lamp and adjust output power after demands. There are functions to start and stop or adjust power if someone is in the area or not. Remote control or web control / Wi-Fi etc. From 2018 we have a new battery so lamps can operate for 30 years.

* Eco friendly led lamps for houses

* Led tubes that can replace old T8 and T5 led tubes or integrated designs for new installations. Unique 7 years and 10 years  warrranty on some models

* High light quality CRI 95 led tubes for demanding applications with best light quality.

* Robusta series of high efficiency led street lamps with best on market efficiency.

* Street lamp extreme series of a traditional design with good output.

* Solar street lamps summary over some of our models

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* Solar park lamps and street lamps image collage over different designs

* Solar design pole street lamps with solar panel and battery integrated into the pole

* Solar smart led street lamps where lamp have a lot of options like Wi-Fi + charger + very nice design.  

* Solar Lamp cam is a solar street lamp with an integrated CCTV camera with W-Lan interface

* Sunnytek Solar 9000 the solar street lamp with 5 years warranty and 15 years design criteria.

Info about Solarus LED lamps the most common system in  Tropical areas.


* Hi-Flux industrial led lamps are more efficient than other led lamps. More ölighjt flus wiuth less power makes them working with a shorter pay off time and better illumination. Up to 200 Lumen / W output.

Intensia 62000/480  high flux arena lamps. Power ful arena lamps with highh efficiency led emitter.

* Cincindela street lamps made in  Sweden have maybe best efficiency on larget with over 160 Lumen / W in light flux.

* Led lamps for office applications.  Oyur most suitable led lamps for offices.

* Special led lamps for enhancement of food in Supermarkets. Special spectral design for better and more attractive visibility.

* Park and arena high power lamps for various applications in larger scale.

* EX aproved lamps for areas with explosive liquids or gases. Petrol stations and petro chemical industry demands tested and approved lamps and we can offer them

* Solarum solar street lamp is a lamp with integrated battery and solar panel. Small and compact and no cables needed. 12 W size perfect for court yards and small streets. Realistic cost.

* Solar street lamps Thor series with solar panel arounmd the pole.

* LED Bat lamps / LED lamps with a built in battery that can operate for 3-6 houyrs when there is no power. Perfect emergency led lamp or when the grid in the area is unreliable.


* Radar controlled led lamp that starts and turn off by a radar sensor. Really smart energy saver

* Our lamps and IES files and Dialux compatibility.

* Solaris led street lamp with solar panel and battery back up. Why use a grid as we make own  power by sun.

* Production of Robusta street lamps under licence. Can this be off interest?

* Intensia high flux led lamps for arenas and industries. 900 W max output and 120000 Lumen.

* High efficiency led tubes by sunnytek.. Here we have a model range for T5 lamp housings with very good performance and low costs. Unique is we offer 7 years warranty-

* Lamp camera with solar lamp and CCTV camera integrated in same unit.

* Architecture lamps and artistic lamps of special and unique designs. Here we have solutions to enhance the area and make state of the art designs.

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