Lamp solutions and illumination

Cincindela lampT400 LED HighbayA60

Sunnytek produce own lamps and develop illumination systems. We do also cooperate with several partners and producers of excellent lamp systems. New generation of LED lamps offers 130-200 Lumen / W light flux and this saves large amounts of electricity with still giid intensity. They are the choice when lamps are used in solar systems and cost saveings here, Here we shw some of our models. Robusta street lamps are the most efficient lamps on market with over 200 Lumen / in light flux.

Sunnytek high efficiency  eco led lamps. This is our range for 2022

Summary of led lamps in short.

Super market special led lamps for food enhancemenet special design


Led lamps for office applications.

Led panels and panel 60x120 CM for office application

Sunnytek industrial lamps summary and short form information

Solaris solar LED lamps with solar panel and battery

LED tubes replacements for T8 series  with very good performance and full 7 years warranty

Solar street lamp summary of some of our models.                               Sunnytek Solar 9000 long life time solar street lamp

Robusta street lamp factory for licence production abroad.                  Detailed information about a street lamp factory.

Solar park lamps and street lamps image collage over many models.    Solaris led lamp system in Gakwende Burundi

Solar Power lamps with integrated battery.                                                 PDF file Solaris Nova series

Solar Light unit a solar based street lamps                                     Solar box led lamp for street applications and all in one unit. 


Cincidela street led lamp with very high efficiency and long life time.

Solar lamp Cam is a solar street lamp with CCTV Surveillance camera

Standard indoor led lamps of 2 models often used in Solar applications

IMG 3635

LED lamps with built in battery for light during no power on grid.

EX aproved led lamps for industrial applications and explosive areas. 

Radar / micro wave controlled led lamps. Starts when light is needed and off when none is there.

Sunnytek led lamps and IES files and Dialux software.      Surge protection devices for LED lamps to protect against tran  sients and lightning.


*    Spanish papers in cooperation with our partner for south America.

Special paper about Robusta S46 in Spanish for our south american activities.

Dito S25 lamp in Spanish.

Dito S75 lamp system in Spanish.

Special solar led lamps in Spanish.

LED tubes

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