Hydro power systems and mini turbines


Sunnytek offers several solutions of smaller and larger hydro power systems. We have solutions from small house systems of 300W only for small houses beside a small river up to partners where we offer MW sized systems.  The smallest are really affordable even in rural areas in Africa.                   As all sites differs in some ways we have systems operating by direct water speed with no need for    dam (Venturi system) to Kaplan systems that need 1 meter to 10 meters in water head. For more height we have Turgo turbines. cross flow  turbines, francis turbines and for highest water heads we use  Pelton designs.

For demanding applications we have very efficient designs made in Scandinavia to reasonable costs. They make more KWH out of water than competing producers offers so pay off get very good. They have turbines installed inside contaiers so installation get very simple and low cost.


Summary of our solutions for hydro power and power generation units.

Link of some of our hydro power and other energy systems.  Short form paper.

Nano is the smallest micro turbine on market we guess with only 10 W output. Enough for 1-2 lamps and charging the mobile.

Kaplan special system for 1.5-2 meters water head and 1 KW output.

Mini turgo systems have 50-200W output and is very low priced for rural areas

Pelton water turbines for high water heads

Short info about Kaplan turbines. Photos + drawings. Mini Kaplan turbines for 2-5 meters water head and small power.

Multi Kaplan design for water heads from  1.5 meter and up in containers

Kaplan system 10 KW with low head turbine.

Kaplan turbines 20 KW and up for larger installations   

Radial turbine 20 KW with AC operation and on grid inverter / stand alone operation.

Radial turbine 20 KW with DC operation and MPPT on grid inverter.

Short info about Turgo water turbines.           Test video of a 100 KW turbine

Francis turbines summary            Francis turbine 80 KW at 30 meter water head.  

Proposal for a Francis100 KW system with 30 meters water head for corrosive water

Francis system with 30 meters water head  60-90 liter / sec    Francis 2-8 MW size 

Proposal for a Francis turbine system with 350 liter / sec and 30 meter water head

Vertical Francis turbine 180 KW with 30 meters water head .   ET Francis turbines

Hydro power turbine for river applications by water speed and no dams needed.

Venturi propeller turbines that operate on water flow only and need no dam.

Water wheel systems and archimedes screw turbines.

Hybrid systems with water + other energy source.

Photos of some other models of water turbines

Manual about how to install small turbines in rivers with all needed details you need to know and some good information.

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