Ni-MH bipolar battery systems


Ni-Mh bipolar battery systems are really state of the art in life time and performance comnbined with a realistic price level. There are sev eral models from just cells to containers with all electronics installed ready to use.

The small cabinet systems are optmized for small and medium sized systems. For larger systems we have energy modules or containers. There are also separate cells to use if needed.

* Lifetime up to 20 years in deep cycle operaction C12 style of use.

* Fast charge + discharge and very robust design

* Can handle C1 operation if needed

* Operation Temperature range  - 20C to + 50C in ambient temperature and no cold limitations like Lithium have

* ROHS environmental certification for green use

* No transport limits as totally harmless and no Lithium

* No metals from childrens work countries and no Lithoim in the battery units

* Designed and produced in Sweden

* Special datasheet about Ni-Mh batatery solutions

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