Energy storage and back up systems

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Summary over our  battery energy storage systems 

Many installations needs a storage solution for energy. Here the battery is preferred as they are more or les sthe only solution available today. There are several models and designs of battery systems. All have some advantages and disadvantages and installation demands must be analysed at end users site. Here the system in detail must be known including energy profile for hours and peak powers. Now new technology commes fast and replace old solutions often 100 years old. New battery solutions can operate for 30 years with daily deep cycling amd gives very good life cycle costs and low maintenance.


* Ni-Mh bipolar battery.

This is a new improved design with very good characteristics for energy storage. This design is made in Sweden and gives very good characteristcs in energy storage from dimensions from 1 KWH  up to MWH large battery banks. Life time is 10-20 years and system is very rugged and robust. Cost is realistic and LCC cost excellent.

* Lead battery

The normal battery in most cases but for energy and solar applications we can not use standard car battery. Car battery is designed for about 200 cycles to 80% and after this degenerated a lot. The special solar battery we use can handle over 1000 deep cycles and have gel as electro lyte and no acits that can make problems. Smaller systems use 12 volt battery units of 60-230 AH based on the Solar Dryfit technology. These are gel battery packs and have a very high quality. Many users use them for 5-10 years in African climate. Larger installations use 2 volt cells in a chain connection to 24 to 96 volt system output. Lead is preferable used when max 20-25 C in temperature.

* Lithium battery

This is the new comming battery with very good characteristics. Lifetime is very long and battery can handle over 7000 deep cycles without much degeneration. They can handle high temperatures and be charged at over 60C in temperature. For hot solar applications this is the best solution. The deeper cycling makes it possible to use smaller battery packs that with lead battery units. If we design correctly most applications with over 25 C in charging temperature is preferable done with a Lithium battery. In macases these batery can work for 10-15 years with zero maintenance. Capacity is up to 1000 AH / cell. Voltage from 12 volt to 96 volt DC.

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* NAS battery

This is a well tested battery with excellent characteristics and long life time. For larger installations this is often the best choice. Life times of 10000 cycles and over 90% deep charge is OK. Rapid charge is possible. Battery is delivered in 20 feet containers with 1.2 MWH capacity and each unit hjandle 250 KW output.

* Redox flow cells and large battery systems

This is the design for very large installations typical from 50 KWH and up to 10 MWH in size. This is a liquid flow battery  with very advanced design. Lifetime is 25 years or more and deep charging 99% is no problem. It operates with no problems at 40C in temperature. When large battery units are needed with low life cycle cost this is the best solution. 20000 Cycles of operation is normal.

* Salt  battery.

The salt water battery is a large heavy reliable and rugged battery for energy storage. It is very green and almost poissble to eat and not get hurt. Liquid is saltwater  and there are no dangerous metals inside. The battery is 24 or 48 volt operation in cells of 2.2 KWH or 26 KWH each. Life time 10+ years and it can be deep cycled 100% and is not sensitive to tropical temperatures. However very cold is not so good.( -5 -10C) .                        More about salt water battery.

* LTO Lithium titanate battery systems.  Ideas and background about this 25+ year battery

2017 at end we are now introducing Titanium oxide nano cell battery systems.They are unique with over 35 years life time and deep cycling with very low degeneration. 80-90% deep cycle and we can get 10000-20000 deep cycles. Battery is more compact that lead battery systems and can be charged at 55C in temperature. Sizes from 12 volt 16AH to 50 KWH size of large battery system. 

Our long life time battery solutions we now will use in the future. The 25 year life battery is here.

Victron Energy is a supplier we cooperate with in many cases. Here we have a short summary over what we can offer from their range.

Hybrid inverters can operate with grid or in island mode or booth. Interface with battery units and a verey flexible design.

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