Battery solutions

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We offer different models of battery solutions. Battery is needed to store energy generated daytime to be used in nights. Battery is often the critical component in an installation and costs are highest i % of all costs. Battery design and selection is a ket for low future costs and reliability in operation.

* Lead Gel and Lead AGM battery European or Japanse brands when it is not to warm climate. We only use leading suppliers of best brand here. For largest solution we have 2 volt cells up to 4000 AH in capacity.  Photo shows a 48 cell system with 931 AH capacity installed in Kenya.

* Salt battery systems. This is a very interesting solution suitable for energy storage.Here we have a solution for the future with best performance and reasonable costs


* Ni-Mh batteries of Bipolar designs are now a very attrcative solution. We plan to use a nev development in Bi Polar battery packs with BMS system with very good capabilities. They are made in Sweden. Dimensions are from 1 KWH up toseveral  MWH range. Life time 10-20 years. Price is reasonable and LCC costs excellent. Here we have all electronics in an integrated package.

* Lithium Iron Phosphate is a very good battery used today by most sites. We have several ways to offer thios as container systems and racks and also wall powted power wall designs.

* Vanadium Redox liquid cells when installation is large and life time expectancy is high. Ok when climate is hot. The solution when battery is large and life time to 20-25 yerars is needed. Good when it iw warm and deep cycled. Capacity up to 2 MWH storage.

* NAS battery 2018 we see the NAS battery is mostly preferred when we talk about 1 MWH and more in storage capacity.The capacity and life time versus costs makes this a very good choice in most larger installations.

* LTO cells In 2017 end we are now introducing  LTO Titanium oxide nano cell battery systems.They are unique with over 35 years life time and deep cycling with very low degeneration. 80-90% deep cycle and we can get 10000-20000 deep cycles. Battery is more compact that lead battery systems and can b e charged at 55C in temperature. Sizes from 12 volt 16AH to 50 KWH size of large battery systems.

Deep cycling is a key issue in design and have large effects on how many cyclees a battery will handle. Lead battery is very sensitive here so in practical terms this battery must be 2X more Ampere hours than if we use a Lithium battery. This compensates costs a lot so in final end they can be cheapest for the end user. The new Titanium based cells are here by far the best.

Electronics and components to handle battery systems.               Solax new hybrid inverters that can operate with no grid

Victron energy one of our suppliers and partners.                          Long life time battery solutions

Salt water battery systems are very unique.                                     LTO Lithium titanade energy storage and lots of ideas.

Energy equaliser systems for grid stabilising applications and larger industries as back up and energy storage.

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