Energy storage and battery solutions

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Sunnytek  offer a ballanced rage of solutions for energy storage. This included many designs of battery solutions from small to very large and high temperature and long life time systems. Best battery systems can now handle over 35 years daily 90 % deep cycle operation.  These battery systems are also no problems to fly by air. Titanium oxide technology and nano cells are used here. LTO based solutions are highly interesting. Up to 20000 cycles can  be handled.

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* SPU solar power units is an independant system that replace diesel and grid solution 24/7 operation. 

* Modular energy system with solar panel and energy storage. Large system from 250 KW and up to several MW capacity.

* Hotel and office energy back up and service solution

* Energy storage and back up solutions by Sunnytek general paper and information

* Short form summary about what we offer in energy storage and new battery technology.

* Long life time  battery solutions we use. The 30 year battery is here now. LTO Cells.

* Information and ideas about battery solutions we use

* Inverters offered by Sunnytek   Hybride inverters with island and grid operation + battery.

* Energy equaliser system for high power industries.

* Ni-Mh deep cycle long life battery systems

* Ni-Mh battery storage and relkated electronics and inverters.

* Salt battery with excellent performance

* Victron products and a short summary abot what we can deliver.

* Alir intelligent generator and solar power ballancing solution to minimize needs for fuel

* Alir power optimiser för best output in a solar an d hybrid system

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