Water pumps and solar water pumps


Pump systems by sunnytek.

We offer a range of pumps for water related applications. One range is suitable for farming and irrigation and an other for drink water applications or booth. All pumps have an option to operate direct on solar power in a simple way. This helps in rural farming areas where power always is a question to handle.

* Solar pump systems where we have solar panels to generate power

* Solar based pump solutions.

* Solar submersible water pumps / wet pumps

* Submersible standard AC pumps.

* Solar based surface mouted Jep pump systems for farming and homes.

* MPPT solar DC pump for simple farming applications and easy installations.

* Solar pump MPPT invetrets to use any AC 1 and 3 phase motor by solar power.

* SQ flex solar water pump systems for soilar oiperation by panels only.

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