Irrigation systems and components


Sunnytek has worked with irrigation in African areas since some years and have don e fruitful works in Burundi where farmers are very happy. Here results shows a 3-rd harvest per year under dry season and a better harvest the 2 other times as well as water always helps. The systems here are drip water systems that are very efficient in  taking care of water and use resources in best ways. We have now updated works anmd starts in a larger scale all over Africa. Solar pumps helps to lift water by sun only from small creeks up to fields. Submersible pumps lift water from drilled wells. We have all from hoses, piles and tubes and all conn ections. Spray + drip systems and rotating large area sprinklers. We even have battery systems for night operation when irrigation  often is more efficient.

* Information about drop water irrigation systems and solutions

* Information about drip water solutions and systems.

* Informations about components and  parts needed for irrigation in farming and  gardens.

* Farmers irrigation standard kits with solar pumps and all components needed.

* Farmers irrigation kit for a 1 hectare field with drop water systems and all needed components

* Solar pumps we use  and resell.

* Solar based DC pump system standard kits. The simple solution when  water is close to surface.

* Fusion welding but weld machine to create joints between PT components in a simple way. No jucntions needed.

* Tubes and fittings for water systems.

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