Clean water and irrigation solutions by Sunnytek


Sunnytek offers  for water processing in several areas. We have all systems and components needed to build complete systems for the most various applications. 

Summary of our solutions in clean water technology.

* Clean water systems to make drink water from poluted water sources. Depending on demand we have 3 different solutions to offer from Swedish suppliers suitable for tropical applications all over the world. 

* Desalination systems for getting drinkning water from salt ocen water. We offer Osmosis based systems with low and hiogh capacity up to 7000 liter / hour. They can be solar operated.

* Large volume water cleaning system  Capacity 5 M3/ hor to 500 M3/ hour. Solar or grid operation.

PDF summary.  Water filter solution of small simple design.Perfect when there is pressurized water available.

* Solar pump systems and solutions where we have solutions with solar pumps that needs no external power source and anyway can pump water from drilled hopes or well to surface and up.                      *  Info about solar pumps.

* Submersible water pumps for solar applications. More info about the standard models.

* Solar based pump systems and solutions and a summary about what we offer.

* Solar based submersible water pumps for different applications

* Solar based Jet pumps for max 8 meters depth and 60 meters water head by solar power

* Solar pump solar MPPT inverters to use most pumps direct on solar panels                * Solar based DC pump systems.

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Irrigation systems and solutions. Summary page about what we offer in this area of products and solutions.

Drip / drop water irrigation systems for irrigation where we have a smart adaptive nozles to control water flow over large and small areas. Water savings are very large with up to 90% less water flow that spray systems. In areas with dry season we can often get 3 harvests instead of 2 as now.   Info about irrigation systems.   Information about drip / drop water systems.

* City solution to clean sewage water

* Sewage water cleaning systems. Here we can get water clean from municipality sewage systems or mining waist water. If organic waste is substantial as in municipality water we have solutions top produce biogas / bio diesel and to make high quality fertilizer.

* Spill water cleaning for dirty water to replace large costly solutions. This system is perfect for cleaning water from mines etc and get environmentally friendly operation to realistic costs.

* Waterneer water cleaning system for sewage water in large volumes.

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