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Sunnytek has been working with LED illumination and solar and green energy solutions for almost 15 years and our staff has a very good experience in all  these areas. We are real technicians more than sales man which is an advantage in this complex area. Our support can therefore be more complete that what most others do and this helps to avoid bad designs and problems in the future.

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Solar panels of several designs and different dimensions. Good installations and happy users demands care here and this covers a broad range of questions that must be asked before a selection of the solution is done. We have installations in many countries where demands and selection of components differs a lot. Sweden versus Africa and Asia as well as low land and mountain areas have different demands that must be analysed. Thin-film or mono or multicrystaline panels have large effects for final operation and a happy enduser. We have unique knowledge here and can by this guarantee the best solution. 

Left is an artist impression of Skogsvallen area in Eskilstuna Sweden. Sunnytek deliver the energy solution fror these 16 separate plus energy houses. They produce 2X more electricity over the year than the houses consume. Energy storage can share energy and also make fast charging of electric cars.                                                                                     More details about plus energy houses and solutions

Thin film panels that gives more power when cloudy and bad weather like what we have in most areas of world. Thin film is better when very hot. Typically they give 7-10% more power that silicon based panels. Cloudy days they can give 30% more output. We do also have a range of coloured solar panels that give a nice design.

Solar roof tiles and flex panels for roofs. We offer a range of flexible solar panels and solar roof tiles. This is a future solution more and moire asks for.

LEDCincindela lamp

LED lamp solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. We design and build own lamps and add other lamps to get the complete range of products. We also make special designs and customer developments. Unique is that we have a design that is very efficient in light flux compared to electrical input. This is a forgotten area of specifications. Typically we gives more output in light flux but still can save 20-50 % electricity to many other lamps. This efficient design saves power but also make lamps to operate cooler equal to better life time and improved reliability.  Our special solar lamps operate direct by solar panels and have a built in battery for dark hours.

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Wind power systems and hybrid designs where wind mill is operating in paraalell with a solar system or mini turbines. We have silent vertical mills and propeller designs that are more cost efficient but a bit noisy. We also have special designs of rotors that can look very nice  and operates nice and smoothly.

Mini turbines and hydro power solutions that can use a small creek to generate power day and night. Power range from small 0.3 KW and up to large multi MW range. Different designs depending of water flow and water head. Very cost-efficient. We have delivered a number ofsmall systems in Sweden and abroad for smalllcreeks inpower range of 100W only and up to 20KW. Over years small systems are adding substantial power and earnings.

Energy storage solutions are often needed and we have systems for back up to a unreliable grid or to cooperate with solar energy etc. Depending on demand we have different technologies. Lead Gel battery when temperature and demands fit. Bipolar Ni-Mh technology or Lithium when it is warm and demands for long life time is a key. Vanadium redox flow cells when it is a large system that must work for many years and with deep cycle operation. There is no battery that always is the best solution and here the differentways we operate is making it it possible to get a good installation.From 2018 we offer the very competent NAS battery for larger installations                                                                                                                                     Page with short summary and links to what we offer.     Special page about new salt battery                                                                    Long life time Ni-Mh energy storage systems with 20 years life cycle

SPU Solar power units makes power 24/7 and can replace diesel generators or the grid.Complete modular design with solar panels + electronics + energy storage in a container. 

Sunnytek all products in short form summary.                           Sunnytek short summary about products areas we sell 

Hybrid solutions have 2 or more energy sources we mix to complete the energy collection day and night. Often we mix solar with small hydro power or wind mills to get an 24/7 power generation.                             General paper about the solution

Solar power kits for houses, schools and medical health care centres.                    General paper and links.

Unique materials and components is a special area where our 40 years in high tech has given us unique competence. Here we have unique special solutions and materials that often is a good choice that what is used today. We also have materials and components hard to find  or having better characteristics that what is used. High temperature, chemical capabilities, light weight, strong and fire resistant etc. We have what many need and look for in new technology. Photo show special basalt materials as rebar, textile , chopped for composites and fire curtains.


Clean water systems for high quality drinking water. Get drinkable high quality water from a dirty river-

Drop water and irrigation systems for areas with rain and dry seasons. Suitable for African applications and increase harvest a lot. See and read this example around one location and all get clear. Special data sheet on drip water systems

Solar pumps that have a solar panel to give energy to the electric submersible pump. Pump have electronics iunside so there is no electric cabinet and all is very simple.

Stirling and ORC generators.                         Parabolic mirror heater system.                                                                        


Stirling generators for electrical and hot water output. They are small and gives 1 KW in output but have a very reliable operation and a service cycle of 50 000 hours operation with no maintenance. 

ORC generators is unique that it can convert hot water of only 60-70C in temperature.

Thermo electric generators that make electrical power from a temperature difference. Fires or open flames is enough to makle electrical power for light or charging. Power from 5W to 1000W. No moveable parts. Long life time by Peltier element design

Wood and syngas generators for electricity + hot water production. Modern automatic system for reliable operation and capabilities of island operation.

Summary of our large thermo electric systems up to 1000W output.

Gakwende case study and costs to make a small solar and hydro power system in a rural small village. 

Hybrid systems for power where we use solar, hydro and wind power to mix.

Hybrid case Study Gakwende shows this with an example about a small rural village with no grid in area.

Solar power system for schools with no grid.  This is the simple system to get power and lamps in a school. 

Wood gas generators that make electricity and hot water from biomass.     Biomass and hydro carbon converter tio diesel fuel.

School education system with a power system and PC + equipment to make education easy.           Pansante hospital concept

Some suitable energy products for micro credit finances in tropical areas.

Sunnytek news and works.  What we do and what has happened 

Special page about industrial applicataions and energy.

Power to Africa and tropical energy solutions in a special introduction focuses to the special demands and needs that exist here.              * Power from the sun page with a PPT style explanation aboiut solar power.

Industrial equipment for tropical areas .     Special part for what is of interest for industries.

Sunnytek Presentation and our history. Who we are and what we do and what we sell.

Laseroptronix. Sunnytek has taken over the prodct range earlier handled by Laseroptronix. This is in the area of lasers, electro optics and home land security solutions and systems.

Home power kits  Kit large for larger houses       Building integrated solar energy systems.        Fix. TF Mech a-silicon

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