Sunnytek Presentation and history

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Sunnytek Solar was founded 2015 by Allan and Caroline Jansson. In some way this is a continue of the technology we have worked with since 1977 in electro optics and sensors and later energy technology. We had a new idea about what to do and then we decided to start the company with a deeper focus to energy and green applications and some of earlier areas in electro optics. We have done lots of works in Africa and start up in Colombia beside Scandinavian sales. 

We are located at Helgö an island 20 kilometer south west of Stockholm and we moved here 2021and we have a own house and work shop and evening sea view.

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Organisation of Sunnytek

Allan Jansson handle the daily technical activities and sales works.

Caroline Jansson handle the accounting.

Subsidiary offices beside Sweden

Office in Bujumbura Burundi since 2015. Manager Karorero Barnabe and Franck is technical chief.

Devman Ltd. Cooperation partner and agent since 2018 is Devman Ltd where we now start up larger activities that earlier. More details.

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Office starting up in Kericho and Nairobi in Kenya and in Colombia. Here we have a local partner Tealand engineering located in Kericho.

Partners in Senegal. Ivory coast ,Tanzania, Togo, Norway, Ethiopia. Rwanda, Congo etc.

References and installations we have done in the past. Products in operation.

In 2017 Sunnytek started up in Coiombia with local partner Ecoswecol

Main activities in short

Energy solutions and technology including a large range of products and systems. Including solar and wind power, water turbines, biogas systems and gas generators. Thermal energy, hybrid solutions and energy storage.


Illumination and lamp technology build and design lamp systems mostly with LED technology. 

Special designs with high efficiency and special illumination optical solution.

Water systems for clear water and cleaning dirty water. Irrigation for farmers by droplet irrigation for best efficiency.

Training and education and research with medifac departments at University level.

AID works in Africa for orphanages and schools in cooperation with different organisations and supporters. We deliver medical equipment in other deliveries to save freight costs for aid works.

Cooperation partners.

We cooperate in a network with different suppliers and also system integrateors and sales organisations. We have about 15 competent suppliers that have unique products in the range of interest where we sell and make systems around them. This is mostly Swedish products we sell in Africa and South America. These products include following.

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* Solar panel systems and solutions including brackets and inverters and all what is needed

* Solar hot water solutions with hot water or steam for homes or industry

* PVT photo voltaic thermal panels and solutions

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* Hydro power generators and systems from small 1KW systems to MW range. European production

* Wind generators  from small 50W to several MW size.

* Clean water systems for drink water from dirty water. Unique and cheap solution with low cost water down to less USD 0.05 / M3

* Biogas systems to make biogas from sewage water and biomass of almost any type.

* Heat pump solutions for industry and commercial buildings. Some solar powered, industrial energy systems. Cooling by heat and sun is possible.

* ORC and Stirling thermal generators useing heat to make electricity

* Led lamps and illumination of any model. We resell and produce and design in house.

* Energy storage in battery solutions but also hybrid designs 

* Sunnytek social activities in Burundi

* Solutions suitable for micro credit applications in Africa.

Sunnytek Solar Sweden AB:       Phone +46 73 708 80 64          Mail.