Industrial solutions for energy, illumination and water

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All industries needs power in some way as electricity, heat and of course clean water and often hot water. Illumiunation and lamps are always needed and Sunnytek want to offer good solutions for all these parts. We have offices and partners in many countries with skilled staff that can assist in all ways. Energy solutions by sun, hydro power wind, energy and thermal technology including energy storage and hybrid solutions.

We offer following solutions as examples!

Solar power units with battery that replace diesel generators and grid to 100% if desired. We have solutions that can make all power and no grid is needed.

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* Solar pumps with new integrared driver inside the solar pump of a new design. This. is a very reliable solution made in EU with best poerformanbce and reliability. Optional energy storage for operation at nights.

* Solar concentrators to improve the efficiency on steam boilers.                        * Solar concentrators in a boiler room

* Heat recovery of process waste heat by ORC turbines.

Industrial boilers with steam turbines to convert heat to electricity. New generation price efficient boilers that follow new demands. Can be fueled with waste from city dump / RDF or any burnables. Range rom only a few 100 KW to many MW in range. We have wood schredders to mill wood pieces into good fuel. Schredders info.

* Wood to electricity solution by syngas engines. High quality solutions suitable where there is biomass available.

* Wood chip industrial burners to add on old boiers for better efficiency.

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Wood schredder to mill waste in wood and planks into valuable fuel. It can handle all from large diameter logs to furnitures etc.


Voltage stabiliser units and battery back up for handling grid related problems.

Illumination and lamp systems with best efficiency to save costs of power and better illumination in the area.

Good quality drinking water including hot water and steam by sun or from processes from waist water.

Biogas and energy from waist materials by ORC generators / Stirling motors. Sewage water processes etc. Brewery solutions are very attractive here as they have own raw materials and also need the created energy internally as steam for cleaning purposes.

Power from hot waste energy like chimeny a boiler or heat related process that have high losses in heat. We convert low temperature heat in gases to electricity.

* Containers with energy storage / back up systems

Thermoelectric generators to make power from heat.

Ni-Mh high quality energy storage

Special solutions aimed for Tea production and Tea industry in East Africa. Ceylon and India 

Page of components and equipment useable for tea industry applications and almso many other industries. All components from Sweden or with highest quality EU standards.

Wireless sensor net works and internet of things for industrial applications. Power point file.

Special page about our solutions for tea industry and energy and lamp solutions.  ORC turbines for heat recovery in boilers.

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