Hospitals and schools

Sunnytek & partner Pansante from Sweden can offer a new concept for building and operating hospitals. This is a brand new concept to deliver advanced and low cost healkth care at same time.

Health care package includes

Advanced modular hospitals with EU standard but 30% cheaper to build by a smarter modular design.

Sizes from 10 beds to 1000 beds and different levels of health care including ythe most advanced solutions.

Finacial solution with very attractive condistions making all affordable for smaller and not very rich organisations. Typical 15-20 years credit and 2 % interests even in countries with limited finacial classification.

Full equipment by Philips medical including education and training and full service for many years. All equipment is included including pencils etc. Operator focus on health care and not works to get all working.

Design staff is 500 employed and they designed many hospitals during 25 years.

Results are also that the hospital is profitable fopr thbe operation and makes substantial profit. This is very unique and a good hope for the future.

The same concept is now available for schools and education centras. There is alos a solution to build cheap high quality homes. Here costs are often 50% less any other solution and building design is smart and robust.

In final end

Health care is about 50% cheaper that other solutions even if compared with most hospitals in African rural areas. Pls contact us and we see you get correct contacts persons and can go on.

Sunnytek Solar Sweden AB:       Phone +46 73 708 80 64          Mail.