Long life home kits for rural areas

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These are a new version where we have done a design with target to work for 25 years with no maintenance or problems in hot tropical areas. All systems have best quality solar panels and Victron electronics. Battery is based on Ni-Fe technology that has best reputation to work longer than other battery systems.

Panels are thin film panels with best output in and weather and twilight where the problems normally occur. This is a no problem system and Hakuna matata technology.

Kit 1 The smallest system

Kit 2 Small system

Kit 3 Medium system

Kit 4 Large system

Kit 5 The largest system

2019 we have the new generatioin. Ni-Mh battery systems with 20 years life cycle made in Sweden

For very cloudy areas we have a special design where solar panels and energy storage ballance the very special conditions.

Long life home kit for cloudy areas based on Salt battery technology and special solar panels.

Long life home kits for cloudy areas based on Ni-Fe battery energy storage. Very rugged system with up to 25 years life cycle.

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