Burundi and African installations


Office building in Gakwende Rutana province where we maintain and have modified a 1300 W solar panel system. Here an old system was out of operation and we did a redesign and improvement. This included installations in two buildings in the handicap centre and one in the health care station in the small village. Gakwende have no grid and solar panels supply all powre needed.

Installations include change of 110 fluorocent tubes to be  replaced by led tubes. This save 50% of electrical power but light flux was also doubled.


School in Ngenda close to Kiremba where three shcools has got solar power in class rooms. Each system have 150W solar panels and a 230 AH battery system with inverter and charger for one class room. In roof we have two pieces of 1200 mm long led tubes and a connector for teachers lap top.


New church in Kiremba have just got a delivery of 250 led lamps and a grid based back up system with 6 KW inverter and a 75A charger. The battery system is a eight piece of 12 volt 230 AH battery packs. Brand is solar drift gel battery that is one of few that can handle 6+ years in African climate and still work OK. Delivery included 250 pcs high efficiency LED lamps.

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Office solar system in Basra Iraq installed 5 years ago as our first high temperature installation. Solar panels are 1 KW in power and change battery and a 3 KW inverter. The inverter is a marine special design that give full power at + 60C in temperature. European brand. This has been in operation for five years in a very hot area.


Solar hot water system at Lycee in Kiremba. This is an old system with Swedish brad solar heaters used for 15 years . We repaired the heat exchangers and insulated storage tanks to keep heat better. This system supply hot water + 70C to the kitchen where thet handle food for 700 students.

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Battery room in Basra Iraq with 10 pcs 110 AH Gel battery in serial paralell connection. Ambient temperature can be over + 50C at summers.

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Solar panel system at Mlimani school in Kenya. Here we have 1 system of 8 kW solar panels and one of 6 KW in solar panels. Power is used in a school with 600 students to completley replace the old costly grid connection. ( USD 0.4 / KWH ). Panels supply 2 pcs of 10 KW 3 phas inverters. We also have installed 100 Pcs led tubes 1200 mm long to save power.


White and blue battery rooms in Gakwende Burundi. Here we have large racks with lead battery systems. Capacity is 931 AH at 24 VDC. Chargers are 60A MPPT chargers and now 2015 we replace old inverters with new 3 KW systems with better efficiency. System have worked for 2 years with new battery packs. At same time health care centre got a smaller system and this is also in operation since 2 years

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Mlimani installation in Kenya. 3 Inveter units gives 10KW 3 phase 380 Volt output. They have MPPT chargers inside same unit that handle max 60A in current.

Battery pack is 2 separate units each with 24 cells of 931 AH 48 volt. The single cells have 2 volt output each. They are Gel battery packs made in Germany and is standard units used by Ericson mobile in their base stations. 500 000 cells like this has been delivered south of Sahara.

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Skyline of Gakwende at night. The 110 led tubes gives lots of power. Before we arrived the centre was in total darkness except some hand lamps and wood fires.

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Hauge finance in Kiremba have just got a new back up system for their bank. Here we have a 24 volt 931 AH back up battery and a 6 KW single phase inverter.  Grid is very unreliable here and often it is only on for 2-4 hours per day. This system is changed by grid when it is alive and then we use battery to supply the office rest of the time. At nights we have led lamps around the house to make guards in area to see what is going on. This system and Kiremba church system are easy to upgrade with solar panels for charging.

Solar lamp system outside church in Gakwende with a solar panel on top and a 2600 Lumen led lamp. Battery is a large Li-Fe-Po batttery that is thye only battery to handle 60C in temperature. Life time expectancy before service is needed is 10-15 years and 50-70 KHours in life time. Lamp is made and designed in Sweden.

* Long life solar hoime kits with 25 years design life.

* Solar home kits for rural areas with 8-10 years between servive intervals.

Max- Power Lithium the new Lithium battery with easy installation  and replacing lead battery units with no changes.

Drop water and irrigation systems in Gakwende. Read about this and how to get a 3-rd harvest during dry season. Efficient and production can increase 30-50% in volume.

Datasheet Gakwende lamp installation  PDF file

Case study Gakwende hybrid solution for a small village.                                        * Parabolic mirror food heater

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