Bio-mass and plastic waste converter to make diesel

Sunnytek & Partners are very happy to offer a system that can convert biomass and hydro carbons to high quality diesel fuel. This is a large step into the future as now it is simple and cheap to make biodiesel from almost any biomass. It is also posisble tio make diesle from city dump waste, plastic waste and rubber tires. The Swedish design is compact and automatic for 24/7 operation by a small staff. Smallest machine is only 2 containers only in dimensions.

Features of the cathalytic diesel processor

* Convert biomass and wood chips to high quality diesel

* Make bio diesel that is certified as biodiesel and an EU aproved fuel for gas stations. Most countries accept no taxes on Bio diesel fuel.

* Smallest is only 100 liter / hour and largest 25 M3 / hour or more

* Convert city dump waste / RDF / rubber etc. to high quality diesel. Problem with land fills is now converted tio high profit incomes and a better environment for the urban areas

* No pollutions and smoke and waste water.

* Short finacial ROI / pay back of system. Financial solutions available.

More about waste / biomass to diesel converter.

* Performance when straw is used as bio mass in the process.

* Performance when bagass is used as substrate in the process.

* Performance when plastics is used as substrate.

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