Power and light for Africa and South America

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This part of web is focused to what is needed to get energy in Africa and tropical areas in components and systems. Energy includes much more than just solar energy and as we work with all area we try to make this part easier to understand and how what we and our partners can offer. Here we offer all from simple components up to large installed systems where we and partners in some cases can offer financial investors to support all. Sales are often done by our local offices and representatives we have in the area.

Hospital and school solutions based on new designs and a finacial package for realistic costs. This is a brand new thinking and opens the door to get much better and cheaper health care in rural areas in Africa and south America.

Size 1 Home energy systems. Energy systems for small rural houses with no grid. We have some models from smallest single room houses to normal sized villas with 3-5 rooms. Typically 10W-170W solar panels + suitable battery packs.

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Size 2 School. hospital and office energy solutions. Here we cower one class room and up equal to 10 Lamps and up to 25 lamps. Solar panels of 200-400W totally + battery system. Here we often add very efficient LED lamps to save a lot of energy

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Size 3 Larger sized systems with battery back up for larger schools. dormitory houses smaller industries and cities. Here all starts at about 2000W solar panels to 20-30KW with larger battery system.

Size 4 Large size solar farms with substantial battery energy storage for cities. larger industries, Island energy systems. This is starting at 30 KW up to several MW in solar panels + very large battery packs.  Special papers about a case with a city in tropical areas ( Colombia )

Rural energy solution with some ideas to get power.

5 KW off grid solar system for 24/7 operation day and night.   

Solar operated pump systems for irrigation and pot water applications-  

Desalination systems for salt water to pottable water production.

Solar water pumps of a new design with integrated electronics.                  

Solar home kits 1-2 KW size for energy to homes.

Case study of our installation of Mlimani High school Kenya and our 20 KW system for a large school with 700 students in  dormitory living.

Coloured and special pattern solar panels. Get the design as you want.Make your own logo and desin by solar panels.

Solax inverter solutions of standard on grid design but also hybroid solutions with battery. Text Swedish 

Special part for industrial applications in tropical areas with all from energy, lamps clean water and environmental systems etc.

Solar power injector system . This just add solar power to a industry where there is a grid. Cheaper power and short pay off is a reason to have this solution.

Industrial solar off grid industrial system where there is no grid or use want to be independent.

Solar farms for street light systems in city areas. Here we can make a power solution for a city handling all street lamps in an easy way.


Solar hot water panels to make hot water by sun for hygiene and kitchen etc.Perfect in hospitals, schools etc. where hot water is needed and hard to get.

Power Pal NZ 74A60 fordertechnik

Solar steam panels for making industrial steam by sun power only. Useable at hospitals to sterallize equipment.

Nano turbine the smallest on market with 10W output . Enough for 2 laqmps and charging the mobile phone

Hydro power is a good source for energy and we have own small water turbines as well as colleagues that offers the very large solutions of many MW output.

Biomass and hydro carbon converter to produce high quality diesel fuel

Non solar based power sources for tropical applications. There are other ways to get power and here we tell what we can offer.

Lamps and illumination is a key for electricity. Here we have a link to our information about lamps and illumination. We are not only selling lamps but we design lamps and produce own lamp solutions. Special is the new solar LED lamps that is a large step ahead of cheap China designs. Information about Solaris led lamps.

Clean water solutions and systems are needed in all cases. We have water purification systems and clean water solutions.

Solar operated water pumps. These pumps have a new solution for pumps to reduce number of components and costs. Reliability will also be better.

Solar pump systems for irrigation and drinking quality water

Irrigation is needed in more and more areas as large area get less water. We have very efficient drip watrer solutions that use very little water to irrigate large areas. Compared to normal irrigation we can save up to 90% of water consumption. One single tal with 15 mm diameter proived to handle over 1000 M2 area of intense kitchen food harvesting in Burundi

Biogas systems that make gas out of waist and sewage.  Info about our rotating drum high speed bio gas reactors

Waternear solution to clean large volumes of waster water in a new way.

Pyrolysis systems to convert waste and biomass to valuables and oil and gas. Perfect for old tyres that are very valuable raw material.

Energy solutions for hospitals in rural areas with no reliable power.

Energy systems for hospitals without any electrical grid available.

Syngas / wood gas generator systems Makes electricity and hot watre diorect from wood chips and biogas.

Special solutions to handle waste on city dump with no landfill. Convert a problem to an income.

References in Africa about our works.                      Special material for Ivory coast and Senegal sales activities. France.

References in Tropical areas done by our group.    Burundi works and other works in Tropical areas 

Presentation of our partner and us in Western Africa in French language

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