Sunnytek news 2015-2017

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Lwala orphanage in Kenya got a 4 KW solar system with 10KW 3 phase output from a new type of Lithium battery we use here. Solar Panels are thin film design and we used Victron electronics solution. Battery is a 4 pcs 12 Volt100AH Lithium with integrated BMS that make battery identical to a standard car battery to use. Battery is designed for 10-15 years life time and use 90% deep cycle operation.

Okt 2017 first deliveries of Robusta street lamps to Colombia as test units for very large orders. 

Sep 2017 we delivered a solar power solution for orphanage in  Lwala in Kenya in cooperation with Trosgnistan Mission Sweden. It includes 4 KW panels and batteries system and electronics. The system use the new Maxpower Lithium cells and Victron electronics and ledlamps.                                    Included in 20 feet container it was lots of gifts to orphanage from friends and supporters in Sweden. Totally 6 tons of equipment was delivered to upgrade the buildings to better standards.

Aug 2017 Sunnytek staff delivered an energy audit for a evlaulation work for a larger group of industries in Kenya.

June 2017 the solar power system for Maison Dorcas was installed and is now in operation. Maison Dorcas is a part of Panzi hospital and a home for family living for restoring people. This system feed 250 LED lamps with electricity 24/7 to avoid dark nights in the family home. Our Burundian office did all works in Congo they worked for two weeks to install panels, batteries and 250 ledlamps.


Right our staff working in Bukavu under engineer Franck our engineer expert in power systems placed in Bujumbura. 


Left June 2017 Womens home in Bukavu handled by Maranata Mission got a solar power system. This is supported by Swedish aid organisation Trosgnistan and we have instaled a solar power system in the house with battery based back up.

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Mlimani high school Kericho Kenya have a larger system of 20 KW panels and a 90 KWH batteryenergy storage feeding 2x12 KW 3 phase for the large school. Since 3 years this system have 100% replaced the national grid with no maintenance and no problems. Savings in power are very large. 

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The island system have have no grid drop outs as battery back up is integrated. School have dormitory and 700 children.

Right side is Kiremba Lycee in Burundi where we repaired and  upgraded a large solar hot water system. This system gives hot water for the kitchen works for all 700 students living here.

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Solar hot water system in Kiremba and orphanage. The 8 buildings all have solar hot water systems for getting warm water for the small children age 0-6 years with no mothers.

Right similar system in Gakwende handicap centre in Burundi. Here we make hot water for 80 school children. We use 500 liter storage tanks and concentrator panels.

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Left our Engineer Franck installs a power system at Hauge Micro finance in Kiremba Burundi. 2 KW thin film panels and 23 KWH energy storage feed the bank office with all needed power. Grid is unreliable here.

Right the power sysetm in the small hospital in Gakwende feeds 25 pcs 600 mm long led tubes to get light for patients and the alone doctor. System have worked with no service for 5 years.

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Left the school in Mututo Burundi and it small school system making power for 4 led tubes. The school is focused at Twa pygme education.

Right side the power system in Handicap centre in Burundi that have 3 KW solar panels to give light for 110 LED tubes and some other sources. This have bene operated in 5 years and use 23 KWG OPZV Gel cells of 936 AH capacity.

Left side a energy solution in Basra in  Iraq. If feed an office with of grid powe with solar panel, 2 KW . Here it can be +50C hot and battery system have a hard life.

Right side is a hybrid system in Sollentuna Sweden with a combined wind mill and solar panel. It handle a Lithium energy system. This was test site and it is in use since almost 7 years and until now no warranty matters and repair works except a flooding that got electronics under water surface for some time. Inverter did not like this under water operation.

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