Sunnytek News 2018/ 2020

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* 2020  Start up of a hybride system close to Örebro with 12 KW solar panels and a wind mill of 1 KW. Thi system do also have a 20 KWH energy storage.

* 2020   Installing a Kaplan turbine of 1 KW in a small creek

* Dec 2019 Assembly of first delivery of solar panel roof  BIPV modules with 40 % transmission and sealed with Argon gasas insulation media. This is a Swedish developmnent to make a new solution for out door rooms and gardens.

* Nov 2019 New orders for electro Stirling boilers for farm houses in Sweden. Applicatioin is a large house with no grid in the area.

* Nov 2019 order for 1 KW vertical wind turbine.

* Nov 2019  Orders for several small hydro power water turbines for installations in Sweden


* Okt 2019. Firrst orders for salt battery systems in. Sweden. This is the most environmentally correct battery available today.

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*Sep 2019.  Installation of several CIGS solar roofs in Stockholm area. The CIGS are by far the best in bad weather as we have in autumn and winters.

* June 2019 Delivery of equipment to Nyanza Lac Burundi with a solar energy system and medical aid and somne equipment for a school.This is a part of Sunnytek aiod works for Africa / Burundi.

* May 2019. Island solar system.  We got an order for a system for production power for a small Island outside Stockholm where there is no grid. This is a combination of solar panels + wind mill + electronics with energy storage.

* May 2019.  Sunnytek and partners Asante architects and Sjöberg & Therme won the competition for Skogsvallen prioject in Eskilstuna. We will now build 16 houses with plus energy characteristics. Houses produce almost 2 X more electricity than they use over the year. New designs of solar panels are used in combination with a large energy storage. Unique is the system can charge electric cars and also the storage and car battery can share power with the local grid and sell energy whyen there is a need. Totally this is over 250 KW solar panels of a new tile design and BIPV design for walls.

* Jan 2019 Sunnytek have delivered a qualified energy audit for 10 factories in India how to save more energy. This was a work for WWF and a verty large Swedish sales company for textiles. Target is reduced CO2 emissions and a more green production.

* Aug 2018 Devman our New agent and office in Burundi.  Sunnytek and Devman Ltd. has started up a cooperation about sales in Burundi with an Industrial focus. In Aug 2018 we did a 2 week start up training and sales education for staff.

* Solar farm in North.   We have got an order for a 12 KW solar farm in Norway far North over the Artic circle. Here winters are very dark but at siummer panels make power 24 hours / day. This is an on grid installation for a farmers house in an rural area.

* Burundi  Bujumbura   We have got an order for feasibility study work and start up for a large energy project in Bujumbura area. This is a very green solution based on new solutions. More details available when more works has been done as we have a NDA these days.

* Colombia New city.     Sunnytek has got our absolute largest order ever for a start up works for a new city in Colombia. Here we have 7 smaller projects around our special areas and now we make fesibility works to ballande the budget. System includes a 5 MW solar farm with energy storage and several undred solar street lamps etc. Waste management and biogas system is included. Sewage water system and dirink water plant is also included. More details when NDA let us say more.

* Burundi Nyanza Lac   Hospital order an order for a solar frdge system with panels and back up system. Purpose to keep medicines under control at low temperatures.

* Lamp order England  First order for Robusta street lamps to England for tests. We have good hope to sell many more soon but this is an imporant startup.

* Panzi Hospital Bukavu Congo   Sunnytek deliver 18 pieces solar street lamps with 20 W power and integrated battery system to Panzi Hospital in Bukavu Congo.

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