Energy and light solutions 

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Mini turbines and hydro power stations for smaller creeks etc. Power range from 0.3KW an up. Kaplan , Tugo, Francis and Pelton technology. Very cost efficient. We offer all parts to make a coplere small pose station.

Solar bricks/ plates/ tiles where house tiles are eplace by a sola tile that generates power. Each tile  gives 50W solar power and they replace old tiles. Exterio of house change very little and costs ae reduced as we only have one roof an not as usual 2 roofs.

Solar panels of traditional silicon wafer design from 1 W to 300W per panel. Unique Swedish made thin film panels on stain less steel back plate and stainless steel discs. Very rugged and almopst indestructible. One design have an aluminum fame an one is flexible on a thin steel plate.

Special effect LED lamps of a bit different design. All fom lamp style system + LED furniture that act as lamps an other special models had to find anywhere else. We have the very different lamps here that fit special demands.

Left. Solar cell lamp.

We offers several solar cell portable lamps and this is a nice table lamp. Pls click and see other models.

LED profiles are a smart solution for illumination and integration into buildings. Here we offer lengths to 5 meter and about 20 diffeent shapes. All colors b+ white + White + DMX are available. We do also offer LED tubes to replace old fluorocent tubes in lamps.

EX approved led lamps for areas with explosive or flamable gases and liquids. We have also casings fo other lamps that are EX approved fo maine and petyoleum industry.

Solar powered steet lamps with battery and solar panel on top. Unique is the high temp design so they can operate on hottest areas on the globe. Power range from small lamps to high power designs.

LED bulbs of standard and special designs. We have standad models and special with attractive appearance. New lamps with very warm light designed for relax areas and restuants.


LED lysrör med 140 Lumen / W i ljusutbyte. Ny unik design med band emitter.

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