Sub sea solutions

We offer a wide ange of cameras, sensors and other products for sub sea applications. Here we have information and links to related pages. In the past we have done lots of different and unique installations in off shore and ROV areas.

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Left. Standard sub sea cameras useable fo many applications. Normally PAL / NTSC output and a long cable. Many cameras have integrated illumination by LED technology.

Right. Argus cameras that is a special design to enhance visibility in dirty and murky waters. Often they can give 2-3 X longer visibility range that standard cameras. Cameras have a combination of LED special lamps and lasers to get improved performance.

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Left. Range gated laser cameras is a very unique and special design that improve range in water with many particles. Camera use an ICCD intensified camera and strobed / pulsed lasers to see through the particle barrier all cameras have.

Right. 360 degree camera system for sub sea use. This gives the sub sea panorama by 4 cameras. Cameras have DSP enhancement and good characteristics. Camera can also be used as a sub marine periscope. Multicam is a smaller model.


Left. Paravan camera system which is a special design of a towed camera that fly in the water and look down and side wise when passing. This is a fast way to look over large areas for objects at sea bed.

Right. Paravan camera large design for deep water and high speed use. This can operate up to 6 knots in speed and handle 300 meter in depth.

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LED lamps and sub sea illumination. This special unit gives light flux of a 250W halogen lamp and consume only 50W in power. The blue green spectra is far better in water that warmer white light. We have done many tests here to see what is best spectra for sub water viewing.

Laser systems and laser lamps for sub sea use are made on demand. Here we offer very special units that can see through better than standard cameras.

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 3D camera software for any sub sea camera. This is a very unique software that make a single camera to give a full 3D output. We can use the ROV camera to give CAD files and clouds of 3D points over what is viewed. We can use any camera with video output and with a matrix design.  Soon we offer 3D viewing based on this software so an operator can see in real 3D. Software operate in a PC.


Sub sea solutions Link page

Presentation and summary about some of our works and what we offer.

Argus camera advanced system information

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Argus camera principle of operation and how it can see through murky and dirty waters.

Argus camera system layout and principle of operation

Argus camera. Manual and instruction and many details about the device.

Argus mini camera system.

Multicam 3D camera system for making 3D CAD files of sub sea objects.

3D camera system tests and results. Sub sea . Multicam solution.

Sub sea range gated cameras information.

Sub sea range gated laser cameras.

LED illumination for extended range in dirty waters. How our system works and output of camera

Manual of sub sea Lynx range gated camea system for 300 meter depth.

Absorption of laser light in water with algee particles. Some results of tests in Norway

Software for contrast enhancement and better image quality.

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