Protectomatic Total security system


Protectomatic is a solution by Laseroptronix where we have patent for key parts of the solution and how it works. Protectomatic represent a new thinking in security far from what is used today. The result is a simple to operate system with far higher security level than todays technology.

Some features of Protectomatic total security system

Protectomatic is a volumetric 3D sensing system where all motions and persons are logged all time in their identity and position. We have no normal perimeter shield around the area where we have sensors as we measure inside the area all time and see who is there.

Protectomatic can sense your own staff position and their identity. This is checked all time and if needed every second all over the protected area. All is staff have a permission to be in specific areas and maybe not all areas. We see if they are where they have no aproval to be. All with no aprpoval are detected an when they have no ID they are defined as an intruder by the system. Then the alarm is activated.

Protectomatic is a network solution that can cower large area as well as small areas. One standard villa to one airport is possible to handle with one system.  KM sized areas can be protected with just single long range sensors. 

All alarms are logged an time stamped. Normally we have cameras that see what we detect an the videos are stored in the command unit. Onw staff can also see what happened and the person that caused the alarm and where this happened. Protectomatic operate day an night and in worst weather conditions. 

Alarms are  handled in smart ways so upon deman we can make silent alarms to a patrol or make the noisy solution where we have a way to show who is causing alarm for own staff. Protectomatic can handle area with plenty of own staff that works an move around. Protectomatic can handle several levels of personal area permission depending on demands. Guests have special action and can be handle in a simple way.

Network is very special and protected in a new way to attacks and hackers. We have very high security level here far over what most secure alarms and networks have today. We hav unique watch function that see what happens and can alet when someone do something if they even hook up inside the network.

Principle of operation.

Area is watched by a number of sensors and cameras. This include area inside the perimeter where people normally work. Sensors can special sensors but we also use normal CCTV cameras combined with sensors and electronics and unique software. In principle we see all over area and we see own staff and they create an indication. This is processed by the secure network. Indications make an alert to the system. Indicators can be smart an they can see how many motions there are in the area (Counter)

All in staff have a ID card with looks like a normal card but inside we have some electronics and intelligence. In the area of the detectors we have an ID unit that on demand send a question when the alert is indicated. Here all ID units in the area will reply with the own ID and some other info in an encrypted way.

When the messages are recieved the system will compare to the data base that all ID are OK and have permission to be here. It can also be logged and time stamped. If all is OK there is a green logging command

If there are more persons that ID units in the area someone with no ID is there an then the system will react an make an alarm. The action of alarm can be in several ways depending on customer ideas.

If there are alarms from  someone with a ID card that is OK but not have permission for this area we can makane oranger alarm. Here staff decide what to do depending of what situation is.

Guests and staff ID

When they are there first time they have a ID card that is activated and have its unique settings.  This is done at check in in a special PC with special software an security functions.

We can also add ID units to equipment and see where it is just now. This can be useful if someone needs it. System say where it is located. We can then also see if the equipment moves around in a  correct way. We can even see if the equipment ID unit is locked to the ID of a person that is authorized to use this device.

Special features

We have a special way to see if someone steel an ID unit and use it.  Here we see misuse and make an alarm. 


In final end this is very easy to use for every one. No log in an no keypads and special cards. It is just there an it works. If wanted it can open doors when the correct persons are there. Limits are few an simplicity and reliability is the key words.

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Protectomatic kombinerat med väktare vilketr gher unik säkerhet och stora fördelar. Ronderingskontroll. Svenska

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