Laser radar systems and 3D sensors

We have been working with ladar / Laser radar systems for 20 years and have made many special designs and installations. This includes all from airborne scanners to sub sea systems operating in water. Here we show some examples and links to pages with moe detailed information. We do also

 make special solutions and have sold patents and ideas to several partners.

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Left. Laser radar scanner that check and area for objects in a rail road application. Here we protect a 50x50 meter zoon and can see people inside a forbidden area in a crossing. Speed is up to 35 scans / sec and we can see 5 cm objects all over the area. System  fullfill Fail safe level standard of operation in SIL standard level 1 to 4 demans and EU standards.

Right. 360 degree scanning laser radar that was used for navigation in an area. Laser radar see object and avoid them. Range was 300 meter an speed 10 Hz. We have other models with max 3000 meter range measurement and high speed operation.

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Left. PT scanner ( Pan and tilt slow speed ) that use active controll to see objects, track them and give a 3D coordinate. Here objects was flying up to 300 meter per sec and we could see them with one meter accuracy to 5 Km in distance. Here we have one distance meter and one thermal camera combined with a special high speed CCD camera. We now have models with 12 kM range and cameras that see through fog cameras combined with laser scanners.

Right. Wobbling scanner for a helicopter application. Range is 1000 meter and speed 24 KHz with 6 mm in single shot resolution. System use a special mirror telescope for receiver electronics and a diode laser. Newer models can get several Hundred KHz in speed and much longer range. Systems can generate GIS data and also be used fo navigation. Triple scan have unique characteristics to see through vegetation and in deep hidden spaces.

Plums i FjordenSL700550-1

Left. Sub sea laser scanner in a special made paravan camera to view and map sea be in 3D. THius device canb make point clouds of submerged objects. We have several sub sea solutions to get 3D data.   Right. 3D scanner for home land security. This scanns an area to find all that moves and then it tack and calculate the movements and give alams under special conditions.


Left . Gyro stabilized down looking laser radar fo air borne applications and GIS mapping. This is a high speed 24 KHz scanner with INS controled platform that is always horizontal. System was used in power line mapping.

Right. Special 3D line laser camera triangulation sensor that make 3 CA files of objects in a dental application. Accuracy 0.02 mm and high speed operation.


Left. High speed helicopter scanner for collecting growth data of forests. This device scanned by 5 angled sistance meters to se ethrough vegetation better. Range was 500 meter with +- 5 cm accuracy.


Right. UAV scanner for a small electric aircraft. It make 3D maps of surface and collect GIS data. Weight is only 2.5 Kg for complete sensor.

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Left. 3D image done by our new 3D single camera system. Here we have a unique software that can make a full 3D point cloud of a viewed area / object. This system can workin small volumes as well as very large volumes and can creade CAD data files

Right 2 images. Airborne laser scanners in an aircraft that is used to scan an collect  GIS data over roads. One is designed to have same mount as an aerial camera system and one to fit at an helicopter.


Left. 3D image done by an Iphone 5 camera that shows we can make full 3D images by a single camera unit. The software is made in Sweden and works when the video clip is processed in a PC system.

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FOD detection systems for runways at airports. We have tested and showed we can see 10 mm objects at runways at airports. The FOD foreign object detection problem have a solution in laser radar. Costs are huge today  an there is a large need for a good solution like this. THis system will also see other objects in the aea as intruders, cas and airlifts and is a good complement to a radar system

Examples of laser radar scanns we have done during tests of our sensors. Lots of ideas and info about what qwe have done

3D information link page of our site.

3D images by our single camera software

3D ladar scanns from a car side vise.

3D ladar long range scanns to detect a 30 cm large object far away.

3D laser radar tests over a sea area with a large boat

2D laser radar tests to detect debris inside  amachine on a conveyor.

3D scanner system that can detect motions, new objects and eveents in a large area

Examples of tests with 3D laser radar system to detect foreign objects and 3D deviations in an area.

LaserGuard 3D volumetric intruder detection scanner

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