Homeland security systems and solutions

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Sunnytek is a qualified supplier of home land security solutions and services. We cooperate in a group of skilled companies with many years experience in all levels of home land security and high level protection. Our range offers all from sensors and detectors of many models to larger systems and solutions for larger areas. One grop works with security analyse and consultancy with very solid experience from Military and GOV areas. One special area is advanced IT security solutions and analyse and protection against hackers and attacks.

* Summary about what we offer for police forses and home land security staff.

* Sensors and systems hard ware like laser sensors, cameras and radar solutions.

* Perimeter sensors for long range and short range and unique volumetric sensors

* Wire less networks of sensors and internet of things solutions with all kinds of inputs and outputs

* CCTV and special cameras. Thermal cameras , active laser cameras, range gated cameras, laser radar sensors and related network capabilities


* Fail safe CCTV and web / internet solutions with extreme protection to hackers and tampering

* Security analyse by very skilled staff from Sweden and England.

* Automatic long range  personal Identity sensing systems by new technology.

* Security is to see and here we have suitable led lamps with best performance.

* Solar lamp cam is a CCTV camera in a steet lamp with solar operation and n o need for external power


More about Laseroptronix electro optical products and sensors

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