Security and alarm systems

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Laser perimeter systems works like a photo cell but with a laser. The infrared laser beam combined with a distance meter tell where the penetration was done and it can also activate a camera that grab an image over what caused the alarm. Range can be over 2500 meter an system need no beam block or reflex at far end. We have portable systems as well as stationary systems. Portable systems can operate by SMS messages or if preferred by W-Lan or just LAN or other cables.

Micro wave barriers with elliptic lobe sensing cower wider areas that a laser and are sometimes preferred. They can see through bad weather and are very robust in operation. Range can be up to 500 meter an they have one sensor at each end to operate. Models can be discrete hiden inside garden lamps.

RF perimeter cable is a new smart design where a RF field between 2 cables are distube by intruders. One sensor cowers 250 meter in length an is very reliable an robust in operation.

Long range MW barriers with improved lobe coverage can protect up top 500 meter with very high reliability. All radar based systems are tested and approved by authorities.

Very long range camera system for border and area control. Active laser illumination gives a drammatic improvement in contrast so all objects are far easier to see. Range up to 10 Km in 24/7 operation and see thru fog operation.

3D laser scanner that scan areas looking fo intruders by their shape and volume an noty contrast. None can hide their volume so they open to a new level of security for qualified users. One scanner can work up to 500-1000 meter in diameter  over land and water.

Right .Our 3D single camera scanner that make high resolution 3D images by a standard CCTV camera. Here we can see objects by volume and not by contrast difference as most cameras do. This is a very unique system that make 3D point clouds by a single camera unit. It can use any matrix based camera or even old recordings to get 3D. Change detection in 3D is far more reliable to detect intruders than other solutions.

Left Monochrome image by a 3D range gated camera. Here the person at right is vey easy to see. Goo penetration of bad weather. This camnera is also in some ways 3D as we can see proition of thr intruders. These cameras have a very good visibility through bad weather and fog and haze.

Left. Cooled long range CCD camera image at 3000 meter distance in moonshine. This image quality helps a lot to define what is there.

Right Active  Laser camera at 3000 meter distance in a dark night. Here we see the very good image quality at this very long range.


Application reports an ideas for our laser radar systems and technical ideas.

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Airport security systems, components and system solutions for home land security and FOD debris alarms.

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Swedish / Surveillance solution for protection of rail road areas by laser raar and cameras./                                               Övervakning av spårområden med Laseroptronix teknologi.

Perimeter camera solution with very simple and reliable operation and low costs that really stops all intruders all days all years. New thinking not used by others that what we do.

LaserGuard 3D the 3D laser radar system to find intruders. Manual.

Test of 3D camera in a rain road crossion to see obstacles. We use a 3D camera and 3D point of cloud based subtraction to see an object on the tracks

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