Laser distance meters

Pulsed time of flight distance meters.

LDM200 OEM  is an industrial pulsed distance meter with 200 meter range and 200 Hz in speed over its RS 232 interface. In paralell it have 0-10 Volt output. Accuracy is 5 cm and the size is 78x63x40 mm. IP 67 encapsulation and general rugged design.

Right side top the LDM500-OEM distance meter in a special casing with IP 67 encapsulation. Range is max 500 meter and accuracy is 1 meter. Speed is 500 Hz.

Right side is LDM 1200-OEM is a industrial sensor with 1200 meter in range and RS 232 output. Option  4-20 mA current loop. Accuracy is 1 meter and laser safety class 2. It have distance outputr but also a trigger output that can be set at a desired range to make alarms like a photo cell / photobeam detector. Dimensions are 110x120x70 mm and weight 450 grams.

LDM2000MIL at right is a special rugged out door design capable of 2000 meter in distance with 2 meter in accuracy. It is very solid and have a RS 232 interface for collecting data and remote control. Case in milled aluminum and high quality optics. This is made in a Military electro optics factory and not in Asia

LDM5000MIL is a large brotter to the otgher sensor. It is a little larger and do 5000 meter in range. Booth fulfill several MIL spec demands and are very rugged and water proof. The range is specified with only 1 mili Radians which is unique for laser diode based systems that normally have 2X more beam divergence. This is a proffessional use design made by experts in military optics since over 60 years production.

Booth models can be remote controlled or hand operated. This makes them versatile for hand held applications and also airborne or pan and tilt installations.

LDM1000 B is a 1 KM hand held system with good performance. The instrument included a computer than canb calculate and compensate readings on demand. Accuracy is 1 meter and system have integrated metrological stantion to enhance performance over very large variations in temperature. This is the tool for surveyors in prospect works as well as home land security and UN missions abroad.

LDM 1000 MIL is a special rugged distance meter module for integration into systems. Partially MIL specified and very robust design Range 20 meter to 1000 Meter with 0.3 meter in accuracy. The tiny 0.35 Kg unit with only 109x76x46 mm is IP 68 encapsulated in a solid machined aluminum block. Sensor beam is calibrated to the rail mount so it can be removed and installed with no loss in alignment. Interface is RS 232 output and Picatinity rail mount for easy installation. The perfect system for airborne applications in altimetry or robotics. This is a very unique high quality sensor for highest demands. Near IR operation by laser diode at 905 nm.

LDM1100-OEM is an OEM style distanbce meter with 1000 meter range and RS 232 output. Accuracy is 1 meter but if aweraged it is better. Speed is from 3 Hz to 10 Hz with an option of 300 Hz. Normally it is an open module but we pack it in any design and encapsulation  needed for application. This included explosion proof andf IP 68 etc. Laser class 1 eye safe

ALTM 2500 is a high speed long range distance meter with unique characterstics. The combination of 1 KH speed and 2500 meter range is very rare. Accuracy is +- 1 meter and output is RS 232 computer interface. Averaged accuracy can be better. This system fulfil many MIL Specifications to Nato standard and Ghost standards. It is very rugged and solid with aluminum casing and calibrated beam exit. This is an ideal altimeter for most airborne applications as well as for home land security systems to pinpoint objects locations. Its beam is calibrated to outer mount so it is easy to replace and move around. Laser class 1 system.

LDM 20 000/232 is a OEM system for long range and low speed. It is MIL specified and use a 1.064 micron Yag laser so it is not eyesafe with Class 3R/Class4 . Speed is 0.2 Hz and range is 200 meter 20 KM with 3 meter in accuracy.

PH series phase meters use a phase detection system to measure distances up to 250 meter with mm accuracy. Speed up to 200 Hz and rugged inbsustrial design. RS 232 or RS 485 Interface.

This is a typical OEM system to be integrated into larger systems. Applications in home land security, marine and airborne are some application areas,

LDM 20 000 Hi-Speed is a special high speed long range system with 200 m to 20 Km range and max 12.5 Hz in speed. Accuracy is 3 meter  and it is liquid cooled for best heat dissipation.  System have 1.064 micron operation.


Typical design for OEM systems for integration into special sensor systems. Applications in home land security and marine applications. Perfect to be instalaled in stabilized marine gimbals and sensor packs.

Left LDM 30000 high speed very long range distance meter. 30 KM range and 12.5 Hz in speed. +- 3 meter in accuracy and advanced gating functions. Liquid cooled and MIL spec. The perfect sensor for marine home land security and border surveillance to measure locations of objects. We offers pan and tilt and  gyro systems for this device and add on cameras.

Right sife LDM 40000 a similar unit but with full 40 KM range. 40 KM is unique and at very long range there are no better alternatives than this device.

Left side LDM 40000 Long range 40 Km and low speed = 0.2 Hz for various applications. In many long range trackers the speed is OK and range is needed.

Right side  LDM 12000 OEM special OEM unit with 12 KM range and 5 HZ in speed. Option 12.5 Hz in speed. This is a very small unit with good speed.

Left side LDM30000/ES a new eye safe design capable of 30 km in range and a speed of 2 Hz. The 1540 micron laser reduce the eye safert problems from 1.064 micron lasers. It is small and compant combined with long rage and not very slow speed. It is having a shock proof design to handle large and strong vibrations.

Right side up LDM 30000 ES/HS a similar unit but operating at 1570 nm to get extended performance in bad wether. Speed max 10 Hz.

Phase based distance meters.

LDM-PH series Left side an industrial OEM design where we have several models with a range from 30 meter to 250 meter. Accuracy between 1 mm and 3 mm and speed from 2 Hz to 250 Hz. All ghave RS 232 output and visible lasre beam class 2 to be eye safe.

Right side a similar system in water cooled encapsulation and air purge optics cleaning. Designed for steel mills etc.

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