Electro optics , sensors and lasers

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Industrial laser systems of several designs. We make ours on demand in Sweden. Photo of mining tunnel laser.

Laser modules of many designs. All from tiny 4 mm diameter lasers to as photo here show 1 W green lasers with copper cooler. We have many colours and designs of  laser modules

Lasers with additional optics like line lasers / line optics. Here we have what we call laser guide lights for sawmills where we have delivered thousands since many years.

Right is one model of laser pointers and laser designators. We sell all but laser points but for industrial applications in alignment and production. This design is a system with battery and continous greeen beam.

Laser distance meters  of hand held designs and industrial models with computer interface. This on left is a MIL spec 5000 meter sensor with computer interface. Accuracy 1 meter and fully water proof.

ZD 2500m altimeter.00001截图

Right side a high quality 2500 meter sensor for airborne applications and demanding industrial measurements. Unique is the high speed of 1 KHz and diode laser design. RS 232 interface and MIL spec / Ghost specified.


Right side a phase meter with mm accuracy and computer interface. Range up to 250 meter and speed up to 200 Hz.

Laser radar sensors and scanners for different applications. We make own designs and software and make what is needed.

Sell Under Water CameraExplosion-proof-PTZ-Camera-GCS-TB625-300x300

Airborne laser sensors and altimeters and 3D camera systems. We have delivered a multitude of 3D sensors operated airborne in some way.

Industrial and CCTV cameras where we have a huge programme of different cameras. Day + night + thermal + active + laser cameras.

Sub sea cameras of different designs. We design and make own systems and cameras on demand. Unique is the new see thgrough cameras that handle murky dirty waters better in visibility range.


Range gated cameras are designed to see through when there are particles like snow, rain and fog in the field of view. One model we have offers sub sea capability and use green lasers to get enhanced view in murky waters.

Special cameras and sensors for sub sea applications. Photo shows a paravan camera with internal 3D laser scanner and ortho cameras for mapping. We make special solutions to se ethrough particles in water and to map areas in 3D CAD files.

487Laser grab

Home land security solutions. We cooperate with several companies in a  group and make many unique own designs in pörotection and security. We have outdoor and indoor sensors and smart networks like internet to things. New solutions in automatic idetification on people and smart acess and door control systems. 

Since 1977 we have been making sensors for industry like steel industry, paper and pulp industry and sawmills. They are normally based on laser technology and measure in 3D in some way.

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