Cameras and vision solutions


Camera modules for integration into systems and sensors. Wide range of better cameras where some have built in DSP processing for better images.

2011091615531906SHR-HTIR185R Thermal Camera

Box cameras with C-Mount optics. Good range of better level of cameras.  Different output like IP, Pal / NTSC and digital outputs. Wide dynamic cameras for better image quality. High contrast models.

Left Thermal cameras with pan an tilt or just as OEM open frame units. Up to 640x480 resolution and high frame rates. Unique units with very  large aperture lenses gives better image quality and high contrast images. High sensitivity models.

Right. Active laser cameras where we have a CCD camera supported by an advanced laser illumination device, Range up to 10 Km in total darkness an see through fog capability. Perfect for marine SAR, Airports and home land security. 

Sell Under Water CameraLunaVision-HO-S321-1

Sub sea cameras of different models. Soime have special illumination for improve see though capability in murky waters.

Cooled high sensitive CCD cameras for better video and contrast at low light levels. DSP computer  image impovement processor inside camera unit.


Camera systems of most rugged design with MIL spec capability. These cameras can handle weihcle installations an most demanding industrial application in cranes etc.

Panorama camera system where 2 or more cameras gives an extended fiel of view up to 180 degee. Designed fo drivers view in protected applications

2011-10-13 09.36.58RO80309HPIM0524Lascam1000 PTIMG 0534 1-1

Periscope camera unit for sub marines with 360 degree FOV. Water proof an including 4 high sensitivity SP cameras and a DGPS unit for navigation.

Tinycam is possible the smallest camera available with integrate le lamps an a high resolution camera. made in  Sweden for medical and industrial applications. Fully digitall camera with advanced software that handle navigation and 3D imaging from video. Recording software for tubular objects 3D measurement available.


Very long range surveillance cameras with laser illumination. Range up to 10 Km with very good image quality. Special system all included for surveillance and border control. Camera can have an aditional thermal camera in same box. Web interface and advance software. Cameras in stalled in EU control zones. 

Info Hyper view long range camera systems

Range gated cameras where a pulsed laser                   and range gating gives unique poerformance of the camera in darkness and bad weather. In fog these cameras increase range of visibilty 2-3 times.


Gyro stabilized pan and tilt units for marine and airborne applications. Here we offers a bsteady image when we watch from a moving platform.

Nanocam is maybe smallestin world. It is only 1.5 mm in diameter and can be used for special applications. Resolution is 200 lines.

Rugged camera housings for the most demanding applications. Watercooled and EX certified cameras and housings

Lenses and optics for camera systems. We have most types of lenses an mounts  and beside this very unique solutions in large diameter Nivis lenses and long focal lengths combined with a vey  good F number. Mirror optics with good F Number and large diameters. We have own design and production of lens systems in house.


Camera illumination systems for Night operations. Since many years we make booth laser lamps and LED lamps for increasing capability of camras at night. We have made systems than can see a walking man 10 Km away at night time in dak areas. These systems are very good in detection things in water and can see small objects far away. IR light gives an excellent contrast between objects and any dark surface.  Image right show a small object some hundred meters away low in the water surface.

Sumamry page over illumination solutions

Data sheet about our most advanced CCTV and surveillance cameras and systems.

Stabilized gyro cameras and special camera in marine applications.

Camera extra hard ware, special brackets, pan and tilt units etc.

Laseroptronix software solutions description in short , summary and links to special pages.

Camera software and image processing of CCTV and other cameras

See through fog, snow and bad weather camera system and software.  Video of see through haze and fog with our cameras

Argus View very long range camera systems part nr 1 of system.      Dito part nr 2 of Argus cameras

Periskop kamera med 360 graders synfält och DGPS antenn i samma enhet / Sub marine periscope camera with DGPS antenna i same housing.

360 Degeree looking surveillance camera system. High resolution.

Border control camera systems and sensors with up to 10 KM in max range. Active laser illumination.

LaserCatch 3000 system LaserCatch 3000 long range active laser camera manual and operation

Dynaview EMCCD high sensitivity Nivs and day camera with 120 DB dynamic range. Single Photon sensitivity. Equal Gen 4 ICCD cameras in sensitivity.

Video clip of Dynaview in tests from a car in a adark corner of Sweden. Overcast and Cloudy and in  a deep forest.

PT 17 heavy duty pan and tilt unit.

MIL specified camera solutions.

Gyro stabilized solutions Link page.

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