Airborne sensors

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Laser radar scanners for making 3D GIS data collection from aircrafts. We have a range of scanners with different performance. They can be delivered as scanner unit or as complete laser scanners with DGPS and INS system. We can provide speeds of over 1 MHz and ranges to 5000 meter.

Laseraltimeters of different models. Small units with 100 meter in range to larger ubnits that measure at high speed at 5000 meter or low speed to 20 Km in altitude. Speeds up to 36 KHz are possible. Image show ALTM 2500 system.

Stabilized laser scanners and cameras fo airborne applications. Here we move all with servo motors controlled by an INS gyro system. We also offers video image stabilizing units where we stabilize the video stream in a very good way. Left image is a vertical pointing system with gyro control for a altimeter.

Scale corrected camera 

systems where the camera is combined with distance metes so a correct scale factor can be defined. Here we have a 500 meter range laser combined with 2 cameras. 

Gyro stabilized binoculars for steady view from moving platforms.

Airborne sensors special link page to all what we offer.

Summary paper from a seminar about Airborne Scanners and sensors by Laseroptronix an what can be done

Airborne sensors, cameras and solutions by Laseroptronix. Summary about what has been done in the past.

Airborne laser radar system with camera for 3D syhchronized mapping and photo of areas.

UAV sensor ideas and possibilities for GIS data collection and home land security.

Combiscan 1200 system and characteristics. Sensor fusion solution for airborne mapping.

LRS1500 laser radar scanner manual and information

Test flight with a R44 and a 700 meter range laser scanner of the new low cost series.

ALTM 120 mini altimeter for UA with 120 metes range and small size.

ALTM 500 laser altimeter manual

ALTM 2500/4000 slow speed altimeter protocoll information

ALTM 2500 / 5000 the MIL spec altimeter with 2500 m or 5000meter in range and 1000HZ in speed

ALTM 2500 manual and instruction / The 5000 meter model is same but longer range

Linemapper the laser scanner and camera solution to map electrical power lines from a helicopter

Laseroptronix Tripple Star multiscanner system

Laseroptronix Tripple scann ideas and technology

Radar altimeter system for aircrafts.

Gyrowiev gyrostabiliserad kikare för spaning.

Gyroview 3 instruktionsbok / Gyro wiev 3 manual and instruction of Gyro binbocular system

Airborne detection of spruce bark beetle / Luftburen detektering av granbarkborre.

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