Laseroptronix electro optic product range

Cameras and imaging sensors. Active laser cameras and night vision cameras. 24/7 camera solutions Nivis systems and thermal cameras. Unique 3D cameras with CAD file output from a single camera.

Laser systems of all colors visible light and IR and UV lasers for industrial and lab applications. Small laser modules from 4x12 mm up to lasers for cutting materials in KW range of power.

ZD 2500m altimeter.

Laser distance meters based on pulsed lasers, triangulation and phase meters. Ranges from mm range to 25 Km. Industrial and OEM models. Computer output and display. Sunnytek also design and build systems.

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Laser radar systems 3D systems based on scanned distance meters. Line and matix scanners. Stationary models and airborne units for topography and GIS data collection. Unique sub sea 3D scanners for ROV applications and a 3D camera.

Underwater unit (front view 1)

Sub sea sensors and systems. Cameras that can see through water by range gating or special illumination. INS and Gyro sensors and image enhancement systems for longer viewing in dirty water.

Home land security solutions an sensors. We offer a large programe of sensors that detect inturdes and controll your indoor or outdoor area. Perimeter systems and automatic ID systems combined with sensors and networks. High end solutions for the most demanding applications. Protectomatic total security system.

Protectomatic total security system for the most demanding applications in Home land security. Real Total security solution.

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Right Airborne cameras and laser sensors as altimeters and laser radar   scanners for GIS applications. Multispectral solutions and thermal systems.

Left Energy solutions green energy and led lamp systems. In cooperation with Tellux we offers a broad range of solutions to generate power and to generate light. Photo of mini Kaplan turbine with 3 kW power.

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Consultance works in the area of electro optics. Design, analyze and system integration  

Patent applications and development works. We have with sucess made several patnets for others and our selves. Here the understaning of electro optics combined with patent experience helps a lot. Several poducts have very large international sales. FX

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