Kaplan water turbines

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These are best when water head is low and typically 1-10 meter only. 

The small units with generators on top are very good when system is small and used in small creeks that are very common all over Africa and tropical areas.

Information  about larger Kaplan turbines with low head and high water flow. Power range 50 Kw -300 KW installed in containers in a new smart way.

Mini Kaplan turbine systems. The smallest systems for creeks etc.

Kaplan 10 KW low head system

Larger Kaplan turbine systems 20 KW and up.

50 KW kaplan turbine for smaller water falls.

75 KW Kaplan turbine for low water heads

320 KW Kaplan tuirbine for 10M3 / sec and 8 meters water head.

185kW-Small-Vertical-Kaplan-Turbine-Cross-Flow.jpg 350x350kaprunnerdownload.jpg

Right the kaplan system of 160 KW with direct shaft operation with no gear box. In centre we have a stabilizer fly wheel. as speed is rather slow and generator have many poles.


Down right a horizontal kaplan with tube installation.

How to connect a high head Kaplantirbine to a tube.

Low Head Dam Spillway
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