Twin-Cam 185 double spectra passive camera system

Twin cam 185 is a long range combination of a thermal LWIR camera and an active / passive looking near IR/ visible spectra camera. It can see people up to 4300 mete in distance. System do normally have a heavy duty PT unit.

Twincam camera system

Twincam 185  thermal camera integrates the thermal camera with visible cam together. The thermal camera can obtain clear images, easy to hidden, and cannot be affected by external lightings. The visible camera detecting distance is 5km at daytime; thermal camera detecting distance is 4300 to people, whole system can realize day/night 24 hrs monitoring.

The camera has hard shell, it adopts high-strength
aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with nitrogen inside, suitable for night vision, harsh environment, long range, large scope, hidden monitoring.

II. Features

  •   Adopts zooming thermal technology with high imaging quality
  •   Day and Nigh low illumination CCD Camera. 
  •   360 ° pan rotating, can realize a full range monitoring and high accuracy position

  Easy operation and maintenance

  Passive thermal camera is easy to hidden

  Sealed shell, smart shape, nitrogen inside, anti-harsh environment

  Low power consumption, stable performance 

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