PTZ dual T-cam 330  


This camera is a dual camera with a thermal camera and a Vis/Near IR ccd camera that offers day + night time operation. The 2 spectas and calibrated view makes it easier to always see what is there. It bridges the gap in spectra and and see difficult to see objetcs much better. For critical home land security solutions this is an excellent choice.

Adopts thermal imaging technology and has a clear image, not restricted by light.

Low light color to black camera, can realize continuous monitoring day and night.

Integrated pan-tilt, realize all directions, no blind spot monitoring 

High accurate orientation high intelligent, easy to operate and maintain uneasy to be discovered

Smart shell with professional design, light, firm, thermo stabilization, anti-corrosion

Waterproof and acid rain proof

Low power consumption, little heat, stable performance 

Configuration of camera system

Camera Integrated camera

Thermal imager Uncooled microbolometer focal plane arrays

Power supply AC24V±10% Iin≥2.5A

Interface RS485、video output、AC 24V power supply

Technical indicators capability

Night vision distance >500m、daytime vision distance>800m

Power consumption ≤30W

Environment indicators

Weight 6.5Kg

Dimensions  372mm×343mm×343mm

MTBF  ≥10000 hours

Operating temperature -25°C~+55°C

Storage temperature -40°C~+65°C

Anti-vibration 150m/s 2 11ms

Salt-fog proof. Continuously spray fog for 48 hours under PH6.5-7.2

Scanning line-by-line  CCD camera specifications.

Zoom and optics  432 times zoom(36 times optical,12 times digital)

CCD camera unit  1/4” IT Exview HAD CCD

Resolution  752(H)X582(V) 440,000

Function automatic, one push, manual, unlimited far

Focal length

Signal to noise ratio ≥50db

VBS:1.0Vp-p(simultaneous negative),Y/C output

Darkest ambient light ex laser 0.01Lx

Shutter time 1/3~1/10,000s

Simultaneous inside or outside  automatic,broad dynamic,inside,outside, single key,manual

Pan and tilt performance

Horizontal speed 1.5~40°/s

Vertical speed 1.2~60°/s

Preset angles of PT unit 128 at most

Preset speeds 0.5~30°/s

Cruising scanns and angles 6 cruising paths

Cruising time for camera scan 40s

Thermal camera design Focal Plane Array(FPA), uncooled microbolometer 320 X 240 pixels

Spectra 8~14μm

Sensitivity 50mK @F1.0, 300K

Max vsible range 800meters (to human)

Shortest focal distance 10m

FOV 10°(H)×7°(V) with 50mm lens

Automatic / manual menu control 

System characteristics and functions

Thermal image system functionality

Feature, not restricted by light source.

It can achieve switch between thermal imager and color CCTV camera. Indaytime, CCTV camera works to output image while thermal imager doesn’t work. Output will switch to thermal image when illumination lower than customized.

Image switch control: System default is on “OFF”, and finish switching between CCTV and thermal image according to temperature outside. If users need to switch to thermal image, it can be set “ON” directly via menu, and the same with switching back to CCTV.

Low illumination color to black CCTV camera

  1. The function of camera can be set via menu.
  2. Automatic switch between color and black/white: when the light intensity is higher than set, the camera is in a state of “color”; Also, when the light intensity is lower than set, the camera will automatically change into a state of “black/white”. c. 
  3. Zoom rate adjust: you can move the lens “NEAR” or “FAR” to adjust image.

4   Focal length automatic adjusts: camera uses image identity technology to achieve automatic focus.

Back light compensation: when the background is dark or unclear, you can open the back light compensation.

White balance: Users can choose the best imaging mode when image color distortion (there are six mode to choose) 1, indoor mode 2, outdoor mode 3,one push mode 4, white balance automatic following mode ATW 5, manual mode 6, automatic mode

Low illumination set: Usually camera is in a state of automatic working; when environment brightness is lower than 1Lux, it will automatically change to zero level, which is also set manually.

You can also use menu to set other functions of the camera

  1. Integrated full range pan-tilt
    1. Pan rotate 360o, tilt rotate -85o~90o
    2. Pan rotate can realize 1.2~60°/s continuous shift adjust, tilt rotate can realize

1.5~40°/s continuous shift adjust

Low speed steady rotate, little noise, clear and steady image

Reach full range no spot monitoring, exact orientation be ±0. 1°.

High intelligence level

  1. Can save atmost 128pre-setting points
  2. Pan scanning between two points.You can choose these scanning speed and direction. Thermal camera could scan about 180°between two points via menu.

Six tracking paths can be programmed: Each path has 16 pre-setting points. You can separately set the speed and staying time between two points.

Self-inspection function:These systems can remember the PTZ paths in 40 seconds and imitate; it can finish the action according to your operation; and data saves when power off.

Character adding function: Screen can show camera’s address and number of pre-setting.

Short/long focal length automatic shift function: according to camera’s focal length,system could automatically adjust its pan and tilt rotating speed.

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